Jeffrey Hayzlett

Formerly VP of Kodak, Jeffrey Hayzlett is an esteemed business and marketing speaker. From his experience as a Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer, to owning and operating his own companies, Jeffrey understands that sometimes you need an external person to offer new perspectives to drive key initiatives. His keynotes cover entrepreneurialism and management, and focus on driving change and turnaround.

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Jeffrey Hayzlett, formerly VP of Kodak, is an esteemed businessman and marketing guru. Leading C-Suite Network, The Hayzlett Group and TallGrass Public Relations, Jeffrey has an eclectic and successful business background. Driving change turnaround and championing entrepreneurial skills, Jeffrey’s incredible repertoire of experience has taught him multiple key lessons which he can impart on a business audience.

Jeffrey’s extensive business and marketing background qualifies him as an expert in both fields, and he’s frequently called upon by TV shows such as Fox Business News, MSNBC’s Your Business and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice to energize in his role driving and delivering change.

He has been recognised in Forbes, Success, Mashable, Marketing Week and Chief Executive among many other publications as a leading businessman.

He is a uniquely placed turnaround architect whose history of maverick marketeering inspires achievable campaigns, and delivers results through customer engagement, leadership and brand building.

Business ranging from the smallest start-ups to the most established international corporations have benefited from Jeffrey’s creativity and deep-rooted entrepreneurial skills and insightful leadership perspectives.

Public speaker, bestselling author and celebrity editor of one of the largest-circulation business publications, Jeffrey is a dynamic and compelling international business figure.

Able to discuss marketing communications, professional development, social media and corporate branding, Jeffrey is an ideal speaking for a multitude of conferences or keynote briefs.

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