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Blog 8 Female Speakers from the World of Science

8 Female Speakers from the World of Science

Hey – I’m Abbie and I working in the marketing team here at the Speakers Corner towers. A graduate from the University of Adelaide, I hold two degrees in Commerce and Media. Upon completion I decided to relocate from my small beachside town in South Australia to London. I am please to report that I’m loving it here so far, although it has taken some time to get accustomed to there being more people on the tube in the morning then there are in my entire town!

Our wonderful world is full of science! Whether it be astrophysics, biology, space exploration, social science, the list really is endless. In celebration of International Women in Science day, we have rounded up 8 speakers who we have the pleasure of working with. So sit back and be amazed at some of the great achievements you’ll find below.

Helen Sharman


Helen’s story is one packed full of adventure, not only because she was the first British Astronaut, but because she spent 8 days orbiting the Earth onboard a Russian spacecraft. Intertwining the meticulous training and preparation, learning Russian, the launch and landing, how weightlessness feels, her science experiments, and adjusting to life back on Earth, she will take you on a rollercoaster of a story.

Araceli Camargo


A cognitive neuroscientist and science communicator is not only a super impressive profession, but what a fascinating job. Araceli takes her expertise in cognitive flexibility into corporate settings and encourages companies to enable a change in their work habits, with tools rather than processes. Essentially, she specialises in attention and memory and explores how people experience a space in order to obtain peak performance from staff. I, for one, am very curious to hear about the spaces I live and work in!

Sarah Cruddas


A space journalist, broadcaster, author and thought leader for commercial space exploration, a advocate for human exploration and a board member for the non-profit Space for Humanity... there isn’t a lot that Sarah doesn’t do! There’s no surprise why her mission is to inspire interest and investment in space exploration, with a background in astrophysics a starting career working as the Science Correspondent with the BBC, it’s in her blood. Talking about a topical industry, she’s one to watch!

Mae Jemison


Speaking on the importance of increased participation of women and minorities in science and technology fields is one of the topics Dr. Mae Jemison is passionate about. As the first woman of colour to go into space on the space shuttle Endeavour in 1992, she has such an incredible story. One definitely worth listening to!

Helen Keen


Comedian, writer, radio presenter and self-titled science buff, Helen uses space, science, sci-fi and weird facts to make audiences around the country laugh. Her first solo stand-up show, It Is Rocket Science! was a winner of the Buxton Fringe Festival and the Best Comedy Performance, which subsequently was picked up by BBC Radio 4 and has so far launched 3 critically acclaimed series. A fresh act in the world of science, what’s not to love?

Alice Roberts


Biological anthropologist, anatomist, author, Professor of Public engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham and a broadcaster, Alice is another impressive woman. Presenting exciting archaeology programmes and discovering links between the past and the present, her incredible work examining evolution, disease, and the patterns of life is seminal. Even I, who knows little about biological anthropology, thinks this all sounds fascinating.  

Kate Humble


An acclaimed author with a presenting portfolio to match, Kate have written several nature and lifestyle books and presented Volcano Live, Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey and top-rated programmes Springwatch and Autumnwatch. Bringing to light the wonderful world of science, she shows non-science buffs (like me) just how impressive our world really is.

Fran Scott


Best known for playful demonstrations on the CBBC show Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom and listed in The Progress 1000 London’s most influential people, Fran Scott is the Science Content Developer at the Royal Institution, and the only female science presenter on CBBC. A scientist by training and an engineer at heart, Fran uses her knowledge to entertain and excite a large calibre of audiences.

Just as our wonderful world is full of phenomenon’s, listening to one of these speakers you will be sure to see one happen right in front of your eyes. Celebrating a fantastic day dedicated to the incredible women who live and breathe the world of science, literally!

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

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