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Andrew Thornton

Andrew's purpose is to put the Heart back into Business and encourage the shift from an obsession with profit, towards a business world where the focus in on ‘growing people, growing business to full potential for a better society’. He has applied these principles to Thornton's Budgens

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Andrew Thornton speaks passionately about how he runs Thornton’s Budgens and his journey from profit focused entrepreneur to heartful business leader. 

Andrew talks about running a business with a purpose and how this approach can allow businesses be a force for good and more profitable at the same time. His story is insightful and entertaining, a real life practical example of how a leader and a business can change.

Andrew is currently writing the book “Putting the Heart back into Business” and his aim is to build a network of heartful businesses. He has spearheaded Thornton’s Budgens becoming the first UK supermarket to launch Plastic Free Zones.

Andrew was a founder director of social enterprises “The People’s Supermarket” and “Food from the Sky”, founded and ran the retail consultancy SRCG and is a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Commerce and Industry. He splits his time between London and South Germany where he lives with his partner and daughter, and has two (growing up!) sons.  Andrew grew up in Dublin and is a graduate of University College Dublin, doing both a B.Comm and an MBS.

Andrew has over 25 years experience speaking in Europe and the US on Food Retailing, and has now turned his attention to the broader topic of the role of business in society.  He has formed Heart in Business Limited to share his personal experience with others.

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