Petra Velzeboer

After being born and raised in a notorious religious cult, Petra grew up feeling confused and lost, descending into addiction and depression. Her experience of a toxic cult influences her ability to assess toxic workplaces and allows her to advise on practical solutions for real world change. She is now a widely respected keynote speaker, making change across the globe.

C: £5K - £10K
"This was probably the most moving, honest and powerful session that I have ever attended"
Herbert Smith Freehills

As a highly-esteemed psychotherapist and global keynote speaker, Petra's vision of the new world of work delves into dynamic leadership and success in a hybrid world.

She views the creation of a space for skill development, as the way to enhance forward momentum.

Petra's background of being raised in a notorious cult and seeing many similarities in the world of work today, drives her to challenge outdated work practices and usher in a new way of working.

In her signature keynote talk, which has received extremely high praise, Petra challenges companies to shift their focus and prioritise investment in human capital, wellbeing, and mental health.

Her uplifting, moving and funny keynotes succeed in challenging their audiences to cultivate mentally healthy cultures that promote innovation and sustainable performance for the future of work.

Petra poses a question that completely changes the way we have viewed work: what if work was good for our mental health, not something we had to recover from afterwards?

Her book, Begin With You: Boost Your Mental Wellbeing and Satisfaction at Work, draws on case studies, psychological research and Petra's first-hand experiences to highlight the methods that will lead to a rewarding career and life.

She is also the CEO of a thriving mental health consultancy, PVL, that teaches individuals and teams how practising courage and vulnerability, enhances productivity, fulfilment and happiness.

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What people said about Petra Velzeboer

  • "This was probably the most moving, honest and powerful session that I have ever attended"
  • Herbert Smith Freehills

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