Blue Monday is a Day to Inspire Your Team: Book a Keynote Speaker Today

Rob Newton 6 January 2021

While its legacy began as a PR stunt in 2005 by the holiday company Sky Travel, Blue Monday (typically the 3rd Monday in January) as become widely known as the most depressing day of the year. This year it takes place on Monday 18th January and we think it’s a perfect occasion to book a motivational speaker to inspire your team for the year ahead!

Indeed, while a new year brings renewed optimism, but with new lockdown restrictions set to be in place for some time to come and a gloomy economic outlook, plus increased social isolation for those who continue to work from home, we need to help our teams find the inspiration and motivation to keep grinding through these times.

Holding a virtual event on Blue Monday and booking an external speaker to bring your teams together could be just the tonic to help them through these tough next few months. We’ve come up with a few suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

Raise the Spirits with an Adventure Speaker

Who doesn’t love a good adventure story? The incredible explorers we work with exhilarate audiences with tales of overcoming adversity. What continues to amaze us is how many of the adventure speakers we work with have come from backgrounds like us…and thus have invaluable lessons to share that everyone can apply in their business and personal lives.

Speakers like Cathy O’Dowd , Jamie McDonald , Debra Searle , Natalia Cohen  and Simon Wheatcroft  share their stories in a way that is relatable and can teach us about the power of perseverance, curiosity and small steps in the pursuit of dreams.

Inspire Your Teams to Overcome Adversity

There is nothing more uplifting and motivational for an audience than a speaker overcoming adversity and showing key lessons everyone can apply in their business and personal lives. That is especially true right now, where our teams are working in isolation, battling against external forces and trying to make sense of what is happening in the world today.

Booking a speaker for a Blue Monday event gives an opportunity for your teams to here from incredible humans like Brendan Hall , Martine Wright , Nicolas Hamilton , Katie Piper  and Spencer West , who each have an inspiring story to help us overcome the challenges we face right now in society and help us defy the odds to reach unimaginable levels of performance.

Learn from the Best in Business

At some point in their career, even the most successful business speakers we work with have been through tough times. While their success is for all to see, their skill lies in helping to your teams to succeed even during the toughest times a business could face.

From entrepreneurs to pioneers, business leaders to trend setters, using a date like Blue Monday to let an external speaker be quizzed by your teams can be an invaluable learning opportunity. Speakers like Kevin Gaskell , Farrah Storr , Bianca Miller-Cole , James Caan CBE  and Mark Gallagher  are perfect to deliver an inspirational story, delivered with the right balance of humour, to directly implement key take-away action points straightaway.

Help Your Teams Find the Opportunities Within Change

A major challenge we’re all facing right now is how to handle the extraordinary changes we’re experiencing in the way we live and work. The pandemic has changed consumer behaviours, employee drivers, business practices and workplace cultures.

While change is omnipresent, the rate of change intersected between our personal and business lives means we need the help of experts to allow our teams to navigate this period. Using Blue Monday to book a change management speaker, perhaps individuals like Alan O'Neil , Cally Beaton , Lorraine Heggessey , Michel Chikwanine  and Kirsty Spraggon , go a long way to engaging employees, to servicing customers and to lead teams during turbulent and unprecedented times.

Give Your Team The Feel Good Factor

It might be your team needs a lift and by listening to the stories from incredble speakers like Ant Middleton , Maggie Alphonsi , Ade Adepitan , Helen Sharman  and Tim Peake , to name but a few, provide the perfect tonic to beat the January blues!

Why use a day like Blue Monday to hold a virtual event?

The best thing about using a day like Blue Monday to organise a virtual event is the fact the purpose, objectives and rationale for hosting the event lies in the relevancy of the day itself. This of course goes for any other day in the year, be that International Women’s Day or World Mental Health Day.

Our friendly experts will be able to create a personalized shortlist of recommendations within a short time-period, and our relationships with speakers mean we’ll be able to confirm their availability quickly too. We’re a dab hand at organising virtual events, so if it’s your first (or 100th!) we’re here to help guide you along the way.

For further information or to book a motivational speaker for Blue Monday, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070  or email .

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