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Justin Hughes is a former fighter pilot and Executive Officer of the Red Arrows who has worked as a consultant on organisational performance to clients.During the Covid-19 crisis Justin worked in one of the hardest hit sectors and managed a major change programme while also sitting on the global business continuity team.

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"Justin delivered an excellent keynote. The feedback we received was massively positive and some of the best we’ve had."
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Former Red Arrows Executive Officer and RAF fighter pilot, Justin Hughes offers a fascinating insight into the workings of the world’s premier formation aerobatic team. And he has walked his own talk during the Covid-19 crisis, in a corporate role as L3Harris’ Director Integrated Airline Services.  In one of the hardest hit sectors, Justin managed a major change programme in a fast-moving environment, while also sitting on the global business continuity team. He is an adept and inspirational after dinner and keynote speaker, which will engage and enthral an audience by captivating listeners with his tales of leadership and wealth of experience in facing life and death situations.

As an 18 year old Army Officer, Justin then obtained a degree in physics and subsequently joined the Royal Air Force. For 6 years he flew the Tornado F3, the RAF’s front-line air defence fighter aircraft, taking part in both training and operational deployments all over the world, including support of the UN peacekeeping operation.  He became a ‘force commander’ on the Tornado, qualified to lead any scale of mission in any theatre.  Justin was subsequently selected for the Red Arrows performing over 250 displays worldwide and was the Deputy Team Leader and Executive Officer.

An inspiring speaker with a wealth of experience in delivering results in an environment where failure is not an option and mistakes cost lives, Justin has the ability to motivate and entertain any audience.

Justin Hughes also offers the opportunity to deliver exciting seminars which involve a highly engaging insight into high-performance organisations. Through a powerful blend of dramatic in-cockpit video footage, interactive group exercises and real-life case studies, Justin and his team create a high-impact event which is guaranteed to inform, engage and inspire.

Justin delivers high impact. entertaining, memorable and relevant content tailored to your audience. Whether you require Justin to present a keynote, organise a workshop or MC an event, his unique insights into the workings of the world's most celebrated formation aerobatic team makes for compelling material. His experience spans corporate (FTSE-250 and international equivalent) and not-for-profit in strategy, risk, operational excellence, continuous improvement and high-performance teams.  Sector experience includes United Nations, defence aviation, oil and gas, technology and financial services.

Aside from motivation, teamwork and leadership presentations, Justin has spoken on ambiguity and agility (most notably at London Tech Week), risk, safety culture and leadership, decision-making under pressure and fast learning, incorporating lessons and practical advice dervied from his vast experience

Justin holds master’s degrees from London Business School and Cambridge and is the author of The Business of Excellence (Bloomsbury, 2016); he is an internationally renowned speaker and thought leader.

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  • "Justin delivered an excellent keynote. The feedback we received was massively positive and some of the best we’ve had."
  • Fujitsu Services

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