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The former Chief Executive of Asda Group Plc and the current Chairman of ITV, Archie Norman is one of Britain’s leading business experts. With a track record of business change and value creation, Archie has led the transformation of major British businesses. As a keynote speaker, he discusses a variety of topics including leadership, customer service, change, and turnaround.

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Archie Norman is one of Britain's leading businessmen with a long term track record of business change and value creation. He has led transformations of major British businesses, served on the Boards of several others, and built over time very strong management teams who are now in leading positions in several major British companies. Archie has also served as a Member of Parliament for eight years and worked at the highest level in British politics.

Archie was a member of a three strong team that established and built Kingfisher plc in the 1980s to become Britain's leading general merchandise retailer. In 1991, he took over as Chief Executive of Asda, helping transform it into the second-largest supermarket group until it sold to Wal-Mart for an eight times multiple of the starting share price. In 2002, Archie acquired Energis, Britain's third-largest telecoms business until agreeing on its sale for double the original enterprise value.

From 2007 to 2018, Archie was Advisor to the Board of Westfarmers and Deputy Chairman of Coles Group, the second-largest retailer in Australia. Since then, Coles has more than doubled its profits.

Archie set up a management partnership, Aurigo Management Partners, which sought to acquire underperforming businesses. It went on to become the UK's second-largest equipment hire business, on behalf of investors.

Archie was chairman of ITV from 2010 until 2016. He restructured the Board and led a five-year transformation plan. After six and a half years, he stood down as chairman of ITV and served until 2019 as Chairman of Lazard UK.

From 2016 until 2020, Archie served as Lead Non Executive Director at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

In 2020, Archie was appointed Chairman of Signal AI, one of the UK's fastest growing companies that is transforming how business leaders make sense of the world's information.

In February 2021, he was appointed Advisor to Global Counsel, a strategic advisory business which helps companies and investors manage risk and see opportunities in politics, regulation and public policy.

Archie served for eight years as a Member of Parliament, where he served for eight years, including as Chief Executive of the Conservative Party and as a leading member of the Shadow Cabinet.

With a combination of political prowess, sound business experience and incisive wit Archie's presentations are always highly informative and well-received.

His speaking topics include change management, the retail industry, designing effective business strategies and value creation.

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