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Charlotte Uhlenbroek is an animal expert and zoologist. Having appeared on a number of wildlife programmes, including presenting  BBC2's Chimpanzee Diary, Charlotte Uhlenbroek is a perfect choice for a keynote speaker on anything wild-life related, and is also a consummate awards host.

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Charlotte Uhlenbroek is an animal expert, TV presenter, zoologist and consummate awards host and keynote speaker.

Between the ages of 5-14 Charlotte lived in Kathmandu where her love of animals developed. Her family kept an extraordinary menagerie of animals - cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and parrots - many of them 'rescued' by Charlotte. She used to wander the streets of Kathmandu trying to rescue stray dogs. To Charlotte, Nepal will always be a special place.

Her interest in exotic animals was furthered through a degree in Zoology and Psychology, followed by a PhD in Zoology at the University of Bristol. After university, Charlotte spent four years in the forests of Gombe, Tanzania, studying the communication of wild chimpanzees, under the wing of world-famous Jane Goodall. She lived in a tiny hut on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and spent her days with the chimps in the forest.

Charlotte's first appearance on the screen was in the BBC Natural History Unit's series Dawn to Dusk presented by Jonathan Scott, where she was in an episode on Gombe and its Chimps. Her talent recognised, she went on to present BBC2's Chimpanzee Diary as part of the Animal Zone.

Since she has presented a number of documentaries and one-off programmes for the BBC about animals. In 2007 she presented the popular series Safari School and in 2009, she was an associate producer and presenter for Among the Apes which appeared on Five.

Charlotte has written several articles for newspapers and magazines, alongside her highly acclaimed books and award-winning animal photography.

She supports various organisations including the Ape Alliance, Fauna & Flora International, World Development Movement and Compassion in World Farming.

Charlotte Uhlenbroek is an animal expert, TV presenter and zoologist. She can bring her incredible knowledge to a keynote speech and similarly hardness her TV presenting skills in her role as a consummate awards host.

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