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Captain David Blakeley was a commander in the secretive British military unit The Pathfinders, also known as 'The Ghost Platoon.' He is also the breakout star of the hit Channel 4 show 'Hunted' tracking ordinary members of the public as they try to evade capture.  David demonstrates what organisations must do to move forward to a unified goal successfully. He shares mindsets and techniques to improve performance and push through obstacles through his excellent keynote speeches.

C: £5K - £10K

Captain David Blakeley, leader of the most audacious mission of the Iraq War, and author of Sunday Times Bestseller, Pathfinder, uses his experiences to demonstrate to businesses how to integrate and move forward to achieve a unified goal.

The book tells of David’s experience commanding a nine-man patrol from deep behind enemy lines. Dubbed ‘the untold story of a secret elite British unit’, David documented his memories of being surrounded by thousands of enemy forces and abandoned by coalition command, and how they were left to fight their way out of hostile terrain. Miraculously, they did so without losing a single member of their patrol.

Known as 'The Ghost Platoon’, the elite soldiers  are trained to freefall from extreme high altitudes, wearing oxygen masks and special survival suits. They work in small teams parachuting behind enemy lines, where they engage in high-risk, sabotage, kill or capture missions.

Since leaving the army, David has consulted for TV and Film companies and is currently in talks to present major TV shows.

At 21 years old David was promoted to be the youngest Captain in the British Army, going on to serve in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq.

David shares extreme credible experiences, mind-sets and techniques which can be used to improve performance and break through barriers.

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