Elaine Kasket

Dr. Elaine Kasket is a psychologist, author and futurist, and an expert on death in the digital era. Her academic foregrounding and experience as a public intellectual make her an enthralling speaker for any corporate audience.

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Elaine's latest book, All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Digital Age, covers a range of themes. It explores the changing conceptions of privacy, the emergence of a socially influential dead, the insufficiency of our current systems to deal with 'posthumously persistent' data, and the unexpected consequences for our lasting legacies of the terms & conditions we sign up to in life.

Elaine’s background is academic. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and used to lecture and run programmes for Counselling Psychology. However, she left academia in 2017 to pursue writing and life as a public intellectual.

To wider audiences, Elaine is a well-known figure in the field of cyberpsychology and is the Bereavement Lead for the Digital Legacy Association, an organisation that helps both professionals and members of the public respond to the realities of data that persist online after we die.

She has spoken to the public as part of the 'A Death Online' panel at Edinburgh Science Festival 2017 and to industry at Hill + Knowlton Strategies' Creativity + Humanity 2018.

Elaine has contributed to dozens of news and feature articles on the topic, in publications including The Guardian, Psychology Today, the Irish Times, the Evening Standard, the New Statesman, BBC News online, and the Irish Independent.

She has appeared as an expert on BBC Breakfast, ITN Channel 4 News, BBC East Midlands TV, DocZone, BBC Teeside, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Ulster, Dublin City FM, and Today FM. She has also contributed to Woman's Hour, i-Shrine, 'We Need to Talk about Death' and The Digital Human, all on Radio 4.

Elaine speaks on computer-human-interaction topics like death and digital, online bullying, the psychology of Snapchat, and the issue of prominent figures' use of Twitter. Elaine's additional areas of expertise include acceptance & commitment therapy, mindfulness, and myriad psychological problems like OCD, depression, anxiety, relationship issues. In her private practice she sees a largely corporate clientele, who suffer stress in response to change, the need for change, and/or challenging work cultures.

As a keynote speaker, Elaine is extremely knowledgeable and able to deliver her expertise in an engaging manner. Her academic foregrounding shines through. Her delivery is convincing, applicable, and feels wholly relevant for the digital world we live in today.

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