Manuel Maqueda

Manuel is an esteemed lecturer, co-founder of several notable organisations as well as a specialist in the future of sustainability, the circular economy, regenerative economics and AI. He is an acclaimed speaker who has given keynotes at some of the world's most prestigious and respected companies and conferences.

C: £5K - £10K

Manuel is an international teacher, speaker and innovator with a focus on restoring the balance of living systems, and reversing climate change.

He teaches Applied Circular Economics & Regenerative Economics at Harvard University, created the Circular Economy Online Course at the University of California, Berkley as well as the Circular Economy Program at UCLA.

Recognised as an expert in plastic pollution, Manuel is co-founder of several notable organisations such as the Plastic Pollution Coalition and SUPER (Single-Use Plastics Elimination or Reduction), a nonprofit enabling businesses to eliminate single-use plastics through a tiered certification programme.

As a forward-thinker, Manuel is a member of the Strategic Foresight Board of the Circular Economy Alliance and has consulted for notable futurist organisations. He has also extensively researched how Artificial Intelligence can partner with human ingenuity to enable a regenerative economy and founded, an organisation using machines to design proactive responses to climate disasters.

Manuel is a mind-opening, memorable and empowering keynote speaker whose clients include Google, Uber, NASA, the Government of the State of Washington, amongst many more.

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