Joe Toscano

After leaving Google for their unethical use of data, Joe is on a mission to solve the problem through innovation and promote a greater focus on ethics. As an expert on data protection and technology, Joe is passionate about data rights being acknowledged as human rights.

B: £10K - £15K

Joe Toscano is an award-winning designer, published author, and international keynote speaker and featured regularly on Fox News as a technology expert, along with other major media outlets.

Widely recognised for his feature in the popular Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, which highlighted the dangerous impacts of social networking, Joe's Tedx Talk, "Want to Work for Google? You Already Do," was also a big hit.

Previously an Experience Design Consultant for Google, Joe left Silicon Valley due to his belief that the industry misuses data. He is passionate about addressing the problem through innovation rather than strict regulation and has even written a book on the matter titled, "Automating Humanity".

He has also founded Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network (BEACON), both focused on increasing technology literacy, discovering opportunities for purpose-driven innovation, and moving communities forward through purpose-driven innovation.

Joe's popular and informative keynote speeches focus on how we can create better, human-centred approaches to designing the Internet as an expert in privacy, data protection, digital literacy, and the larger conversation around data rights as human rights.

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