Javier Goyeneche

Javier is a cutting-edge businessman, breaking down the boundaries between fashion and sustainability. He bases his business policy on innovation, research, human relationships and the ethical conviction that businesses should grow not only respecting the environment but also doing something to take care of the planet.

C: £5K - £10K

Having sold his first company in 2012, the clothes and accessories chain Fun & Basics, Javier is now putting his efforts into Ecoalf, a project he began in 2009 which is becoming a global benchmark for sustainability and fashion.

His vision involves recycling waste plastic into high-quality fabrics and materials to make clothing, footwear and accessories that are both attractive and ethical under the motto, "there is no planet B."

Currently, they recycle plastic bottles, fishing nets, coffee remnants, used cotton and wool, old tiers to create polymers, thread and fabric for their clothes.

As well as the prestigious leadership and management forum (Thinkers50) including him on its 2019 talent radar, Javier was awarded the Schwab Foundation's Social Innovators of the Year 2020 for revolutionising the fashion industry and leading the shift towards a sustainable future.

Furthermore, Javier is the creator of the Ecoalf Foundation, which through the Upcycling the Oceans initiative, seeks to remove the trash from the Mediterranean with the help of fishermen on the Levante coast. The materials collected will be turned into pellets, thread, fabric and products and in 2017, they rescued over 250 tons from the seabed, operating in 70 ports and 3000 fishermen.

As an expert on innovation and sustainability, Javier is passionate about protecting people, the planet and profit.

He is a skilled and charismatic keynote speaker focused on commitment to quality, self-improvement, business ethics, creativity and cultivating human relationships inside and outside the business.

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