Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland and previously United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson is an outstanding international keynote speaker. Listed as one of Time’s Top 100 whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world, Mary is determined to leave this world in better condition than how she found it.

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Mary Robinson was the first female President of Ireland from 1990-1997 and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997-2002. She formed the Realising Rights: the Ethical Globalisation Initiative which promoted human rights and corporate social responsibility which ended in 2010 and she now is the founder of The Mary Robinson Foundation for climate justice. Chairman of the Institute for Human Rights and Business and Chancellor of the University of Dublin.

Mary was listed as one of Time’s top 100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world.  Determined to leave this world in better condition than how she found it, she continues to excel in her role as leader, catalyst and communicator, and is one of the leading international keynote speakers of our time.

In her role as Professor of Practice in International Affairs at Columbia University where she teaches international human rights and in her position on the Board of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation she supports the cause of human rights and helps to bring morally strong leadership and accountability to developing countries.

When she chaired the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, Mary demonstrated skills as an academic, legislator and human rights lawyer to implement social change.

As the first woman President of Ireland, Mary elevated the country to a new level of international status, by fighting for controversial changes and bridging religious, social and economic groups. She placed special emphasis during her Presidency on the needs of developing countries, linking the history of the Great Irish Famine to today's nutrition, poverty and policy issues, thus creating a bridge of partnership between developed and developing countries.

Since leaving the UN in 2002, she has been Honorary President of Oxfam International, she is Chair of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and is also a founding member and Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders.

2004 saw Mary receive the Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Award for her prestigious efforts in promoting human rights.

As a political leader of repute, Mary Robinson brings all her skills, talent and experience to the speaking arena.  Mary is one of the outstanding international keynote speakers of our time.

For decades Mary has worked to improve enterprise in ethical globalisation, human rights and women in leadership. Her vast experience and leadership roles in these areas ensure she is an adept speaker on all kinds of international affairs.

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