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As the BAFTA nominated interviews producer on BBC Newsnight, Sam has negotiated with everyone from Buckingham Palace to The White House, Facebook to Tesla. With skills honed over a decade in the BBC's elite news programmes, she is used to persuading reluctant individuals to participate in a news programme renowned for its rigour and bite. Exclusives include, most famously, that interview with HRH Prince Andrew -- but also, Prime Minister Trudeau, President Clinton, Elon Musk, amongst many others.

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Sam has worked with some of the most high profile presenters in the country -- Jeremy Paxman, Emily Maitlis, Emma Barnett, Kirsty Wark and Evan Davis, to name but a few.

She is used to briefing them on topics as broad as Brexit, US politics, identity politics and culture.

Negotiation, strategy and public speaking have always been at the heart of everything that Sam has done -- from her time as a criminal defence barrister to her many public speaking and debating prizes, and her dealings with celebrities and governments.

She has extensive experience of giving keynote speeches and speaking on panels for clients across  the spectrum of media, banking, law and business -- and has also chaired whole day events and hosted awards ceremonies.

She has the inside scoop on what interviews like this say about leadership, reputation, and communication in the modern age. She knows how to avoid making terrible mistakes and how to deal with the media and its fiercest inquisitors. She also talks about the art of negotiation — honed over decades — and "how to convince a Prince."

Her first book, “Scoops”, a "backstage pass to some of the most unforgettable journalism of our times”, details the secrets of a BBC producer who negotiated her way to Buckingham Palace and found herself in the middle of a global media storm. It was released to rave reviews in July, 2022.

Piers Morgan has described Sam as "one of the unsung heroes of television news.” Huw Edwards said “Sam delivers where others fail — big names, big scoops, big impact. She has a zinger of a story to tell.” Steph McGovern described her as "a force of nature."

As an esteemed speaker, Sam talks primarily on negotiation, news, the media, global trends, current affairs, communication, interview techniques and women in the media.

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