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Dr. Suzy Walton is a multi-sector board director with International Chair experience and expertise in corporate governance, regulation, health, science, education and human behaviour. A mother of 7 and a former West End actress, Suzy is also a qualified Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Director.

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"Impressed by your positive attitude and your determination to succeed: this kind of role-modelling is so important."
Director General HR & Change, House of Commons

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Dr. Suzy Walton - business leader, broadcaster, keynote speaker and mother of 7 - sits on countless boards and is a Chartered Director and former Vice-President of the Royal Society of Medicine.

She is the longest standing board director at the Institute of Directors and she is a Vice-President of Combat Stress which offers treatment to veterans with PTSD. She has also sat on the boards of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the Internet Watch Foundation and she was the Deputy Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts. Suzy has sat on over 15 major boards. 

Suzy was a Senior Civil Servant for many years in central government serving in the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office and the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. Her commitment to government has continued and she has been a member of the State Honours Committee in the Cabinet Office, the Ethics Group of the National DNA Database in the Home Office and she is a current advisor to the Secretary of State for Health sitting on the Independent Reconfiguration Panel. 

Internationally, Suzy has been on the Regulatory Board for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has also been Chair of their global Qualifications Board. 

Suzy is a mother of seven, her youngest arriving at the start of the COVID pandemic. She manages to balance her work and home life, making her an irresistible motivational speaker.

Before her work in government Suzy obtained three degrees including a PhD. Before going to university, she had a career as a West End actress and also a broadcaster. For several years she was producer, presenter and editor of her own travel programme – Time Off on LBC Radio. As an actress she took the role of Lydia the young deaf girl in the award winning play “Children of a Lesser God” playing the character both in the West End and on a National Tour. 

Her deep knowledge and varied experience make her an expert on Corporate Governance – how organisations run, and how diversity is a key element of success. 

Suzy talks in particular about ‘lucky escapes’ - her belief that you don’t have to have a plan to succeed. Drawing on her experiences on the stage, in the boardroom and as a mother of 7, Suzy talks about how many of the things that turned out well for her happened by chance because of something she didn’t do – a lucky escape if you like.

Suzy is an expert at juggling complex responsibilities and achieving success in the face of significant barriers. Priding herself on her enviable work-life balance, in her motivational speeches Suzy inspires others to believe that with the right motivation and courage, anything can be achieved. Suzy believes that everyone is capable of more than they think. 

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  • "Impressed by your positive attitude and your determination to succeed: this kind of role-modelling is so important."
  • Director General HR & Change, House of Commons

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