Presidential public speaking: Speakers Corner MD Nick Gold writes for Huffington Post blog

In light of the political campaigns happening in the US at the moment, Speakers Corner MD Nick Gold contributed his latest post for the Huffington Post blog in order to discuss what makes a good presidential speaker.

Taking a look at the disparate nature of the Clinton and Trump speech performances, Nick pointed out that we are experiencing two extremes in terms of speech delivery.

A battle of style vs. substance at its absolute limits, we have, on the one hand, an orator with the capacity to stir up the emotions of his audience - Donald Trump - and, on the other, a candidate who is solely focused on displaying her gravitas and content-driven approach - Hillary Clinton - instead of necessarily engaging the hearts of the electorate. 

So what does a choice between two extremes of candidate mean for the presidential election?


Presidential Public Speaking: A Tale Of Two Extremes

Ideally, a good speech requires both strong content and a strong delivery. A speaker who taps into the emotions of their audience, leaving them feeling immediately empowered and uplifted on the day, may win in the short-term but, in the long-term, delegates will be most rewarded by the speaker who focuses on content.

Will the electorate still be captured by the mood of the moment by Tuesday 8th November? Or will rational thought prevail despite the less emotionally stimulating delivery of Hillary Clinton’s speeches? Who will win in the race between style and content? To read more, check out Nick's piece in the Huffington Post blog here!

Nick Gold, MD of Speakers Corner, is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post blog. Check out his previous post on body language in the world of politics.

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