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Ben Keene

A social entrepreneur, Ben Keene recruited an online tribe and built his very own cross-cultural community. Building a group of like-minded people Ben launched an adventure. The tribe were to live sustainably alongside indigenous people, whilst the whole process exploded on social media. Ben tells his exciting story in a keynote speech, illustrating the potential of living a life outside expectations. Adept at speaking in front of schools, charities or businesses, Ben is a brilliant keynote speaker.

Ben Keene is a keynote speaker of great energy and enthusiasm. He is a social entrepreneur who recruited an online tribe and then built a cross-cultural community on a Fijian Island. The development of the island has featured on TV around the world. Ben is a fascinating and truly inspirational keynote speaker and is sharing his amazing story around the world.

Ben Keene: Eco-Tourism & A Social Media Adventure

As co-founder of Tribewanted - a unique eco-tourism and social media adventure - Ben has been in the spotlight for several years as he has fought to get this ambitious project off the ground both on the island of Vorovoro in Fiji and online.

The best speaker at the conference by a mile.
President CNN International at Social Enterprise Summit, Thailand

Tribewanted - A Sustainable Community

The idea behind Tribewanted was to recruit a group of like-minded people online before heading to the Fijian Island of Vorovoro to build a sustainable community alongside the local indigenous tribe. With an immediate online and media buzz leading to a flood of paid memberships Tribewanted got off to a flying start with barely any investment - the island lease was secured and the virtual community sprung to life. All major decisions on the island are voted on by an online tribe that anyone around the world could join.

But there were soon many challenges to overcome. A fire swept the island in week one of the project, a military coup (delayed until the end of a rugby match!) brewed on the mainland, and a tropical cyclone threatened to wipe out the emerging village. Online there were other storms to fight, as accusations of scam artistry, near bankruptcy, and the regular grind of debates and decision-making among Tribewanteds 1000+ members pushed the adventure and Ben's business to the very edge.

Ben Keene as Entrepreneur

Ben's entrepreneurial journey is as exciting as any start-up around today - and the challenges he's faced and overcome show how a dream can be realised when you put your trust in people and a culture that you haven't yet discovered. It is a 21st century attempt at building a better way of life and a successful social enterprise.

Social Enterprise

Ben is developing the Tribewanted social media network to deliver sustainable projects, journeys and events with the aim of turning his island adventure into a significant social enterprise. In May 2010 the search began for the Tribewanted 2010 project in Sierra Leone.

Ben Keene as Inspirational Keynote Speaker

After spending two years on Vorovoro Ben is now sharing his remarkable story with a diverse range of audiences from schools, corporates, charities and even, although he didn't quite realise it at the time, the CIA!

Ben's audiences have included Cambridge University Union in 2008, Barrow-in-Furness Young Professionals in 2009, Adventure Travel Live in 2010, and the Geotourism Summit for National Geographic in 2010.


  • Future 100, Striding Out
  • OBSERVER Courvoisier The Future 500,
  • UK Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist
  • Digital & Design Industry Awards, WInner Grand Prix & Most Innovative Project
    Winner Best Social Network, Broadcast Digital Media Awards 
  • Nominated: Virgin Responsible Tourism Awards Conservation of Cultural Heritage

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Ben Keene is redefining the meaning of success.
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