Jim Steele

An expert in performance management following his successful Formula 1 career, Jim Steele is a regular on the corporate circuit, teaching businesses how to reach the best of their potential. He offers real techniques to turn excellent ideas into actions and strategies, improving businesses from strength to strength. He shares the secrets to what can help you reach the height of your potential. 

Jim Steele is a thrilling and astute performer, whose keynote speeches are dynamic, genuine and engaging, and whose messages are replete with pragmatism and real-life examples from his extensive business experience, including time spent with Disney, Marks & Spencer and Manchester City FC.

Jim left school at 15, and after a failed career as a mechanic, he realised that his true talent lay in sales. Employed by an insurance company, it wasn’t long before he was climbing to the highest echelons of the management structure, and after a four-month sabbatical, which he spent researching and observing the company’s top sales staff to see what drove their success, he was asked to become a trouble-shooter. The fruits of his research would re-shape his whole life. He realised there are definable strategies of mindset and behaviour that that can propel an average performer towards excellence.

Jim's contribution to the conference truly made it a memorable occasion - thank you.
Tribal Resourcing Ltd

Focussing on mindset and behaviour, and fascinated by the nature of peak performance, Jim has dedicated the best part of his career to working with highly successful individuals from business and from the world of sport. He has come to understand not just what makes these people tick, but what makes them tick so much faster, stronger and longer, in order to crack the code to ultimate success.

Vigorous reading and research honed Jim’s take on peak performance, and his own success led to him winning many awards including Top UK Salesman - surpassing the company’s definition of 'Excellence' by more than 300%.

Moving on, Jim set up his own company which works on culture change programmes, and leadership management. He is context driven and effectively challenges assumptions through engaging workshops and speeches.

As well as conference work and his role as a leading Peak Performance Coach, Jim delivers keynote speeches across the world, renowned for their accessible, educational, motivational and highly practical style while maintaining a good level of humour & humility.  He explains key peak performance strategies and offers delegates the necessary tools to apply these methods to any area of their life.

He runs high-impact sessions and workshops which reveal the formula both business and individuals need to reach their full potential. These interactive sessions aim to inspire, empower and educate the delegates in an accessible way – leaving them with take away strategies and practical solutions.

His razor-sharp insight and transformational approach will create a stronger, more resilient and highly successful team. 

For further information or to book Jim Steele, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk

What people said about Jim Steele

The event has been voted an outstanding success and this result is due, in no small measure, to your own valuable contribution.
British Shops & Stores Association Ltd
Superb as ever, highly engaging great interaction and clear messages that are memorable for all!
Lloyds TSB
Jim presentation was an unqualified success. It re-emphasised and identified the strengths of peak performance.
Excellent feedback from the delegates - really worked to motivate the audience and very interactive.
Absolutely blew the crowd away. A quiet man with a huge talent for delivering important message in a fantastically entertaining way.
Jim was inspirational, straight talking and ensured he kept the whole room engaged.
Lloyds TSB Bank Plc
Jim kicked off our conference in style - he was engaging, humorous and completely on message. I would thoroughly recommend him.
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