Maneesh Juneja

In a career spanning nearly 20 years, Maneesh Juneja has worked with data to improve decision-making across a number of industries. Focused primarily in the field of healthcare, Maneesh asks how Digital Health is not a trend but underpins the future of healthcare. 

As someone not afraid to 'think the unthinkable', Maneesh Juneja has in 2014 delivered a talk in the UK & USA, entitled, "Healthcare in the future: Will advancing technology make doctors unemployed?". This triggered a debate on both sides of the Atlantic over Twitter. His bold thinking led him to the stage of TEDx StPeterPort in 2014, where he talked about how Digital Health technologies could be used to make Guernsey the best place to live on Earth.

Based upon his extensive research into global trends, he has shared his provocative ideas on the potential of personal health data marketplaces at a recent event hosted by NESTA in London.

In 2013, he gave a talk at TEDx O’Porto on his radical vision of 7 billion Citizen Scientists, and also attended “FutureMed” at Singularity University, in Silicon Valley.

In 2012, he left the security of his career at GlaxoSmithKline, to set up his own consultancy, MJ Analytics. In the same year, Maneesh also founded the Health 2.0 London Chapter, which has since become the UK’s largest grassroots health tech community.

In a career spanning nearly 20 years, Maneesh has worked with data to improve decision-making across a number of industries. From supporting the Whitehall study at University College London, managing the Tesco database at DunnHumby, and most recently, working with the world’s largest U.S. health insurance claims & European EHR databases at GSK R&D.

Even today, in addition to public speaking & consulting in Digital Health, he continues to work hands-on with 'real world' patient data for international clients.

Sample Speech Titles

  • Digital Health: Where health data becomes the new currency
  • The rise of the empowered patient, and what it means for healthcare systems
  • Will Digital Health take the humanity out of healthcare?
    Can data & technology save the NHS?
  • A future where our health is always monitored: Utopia or tyranny?
  • The side effects of Digital Health
  • Will personal robots replace human carers?

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