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Peter Cochrane

BT's former Chief Technologist and co-founder of ConceptLab, Peter shares his insights into what the future holds for companies, drawing on his experience in management, technology and operations. An accomplished keynote speaker, he has been involved in established companies at an operational level, the deployment of new products and management systems, and the starting of numerous new businesses.

The former Chief Technologist at BT and founder of ConceptLabs, Peter Cochrane’s experience lies in management, technology and operations.

He is a visiting lecturer at various well-established universities - including UCL, Essex, Southampton and Kent - and an accomplished keynote speaker.

As a seasoned professional with over 40 years of hands-on management, technology and operational experience, Peter has been involved in established companies at an operational level, the creation and deployment of new technologies, products and management systems, plus the transformation of corporations, and the starting of many new businesses.

Before Peter joined BT, he worked for Telco as a lineman and gained technological and operational experience with other companies.

He started working for BT Laboratories as a lineman in 1973 and quickly moved up the ranks to R&D Engineer, followed by Head of Research and eventually Chief Technology Officer.

With a 1000-strong team engaged in studies spanning optical fiber, fixed and mobile networks, Peter reported directly to the main board and was responsible for developments that would support future IP, eCommerce, eRetail, eLogistics and many other new businesses.

While working at BT, Peter started up a Communication Consultancy Group, designed to look at the long-term future of technology, society and BT’s customers and clients. His PhD was pivotal in encouraging BT to go all-digital and all-optical in the 1970s, and he played a key role in a downsizing of BT from 242,000 to 110,000 people in the early 1990s.

Peter left BT in 2000 and started up his own company called ConceptLabs, which supports new technology enterprises.

He has also been employed in the defence, logistics, travel, retail, energy, healthcare, transport, pharma, and consulting sectors as an advisor, board member, and manager with responsibilities for strategy and operations with budget responsibilities up to £1bn.

He obtained the Queen’ Award for Innovation & Export in 1990 and Honorary Doctorates from Essex, Robert Gordon, Stafford, Nottingham Trent and Brunel Universities. In 1998, he was appointed as the UK’s first Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology at Bristol.

In 1999, Peter was awarded an OBE for his dedication to international communications; in 2000, an IEEE Millennium Medal; and, in 2001, The City & Guilds Prince Philip Medal.

As an investor and entrepreneur, Peter has engaged in the founding of new companies, investment and the management of growth leading to market success.

He is also an expert in the future of sports marketing. Related to this, he addresses the issues of leveraging loyalty and attention amongst interest groups; using technology to share information and create networks; the blurred line between work and play; the tech-savvy nature of future customers; and the increasingly rapid change in jobs, careers and technology.

Able to speak about developments in technology, the future of business and cities, big data and the chaos of the modern world, Peter is a brilliant speaker for all technology themed events. 

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