Empathy Activist Belinda Parmar OBE In Conversation with Nick Gold

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Belinda Parmar | 4 March 2021

Belinda Parmar OBE recently joined our MD Nick Gold for an episode of 'In Conversation With' to discuss how the pandemic is creating a more empathic workplace and why this is a good thing to happen.

Belinda Parmar has championed empathy in the workplace for a number of years, but since the pandemic took hold, we've seen a real shift in how we communicate. Leaders have become more vulnerable, colleagues have opened up more to others and there's a sense we're all in this together.

Pre-pandemic, empathy was often a tick box exercise or pet project by an individual. As Belinda explains in this conversation, there is now a collective desire to allocate budget, time and resource to transform how we work. Indeed Belinda goes onto address the meeting culture, ensuring everyone has a voice within an inclusive culture to understand how everyone feels about the topic and to move forwards as a collective.

Empathy isn't a luxury, but it is a chance to reset how we think about work.

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