Empathy Activist Belinda Parmar OBE In Conversation with Nick Gold

Belinda Parmar OBE recently joined our MD Nick Gold for an episode of 'In Conversation With' to discuss how the pandemic is creating a more empathic workplace and why this is a good thing to happen.

Belinda Parmar has championed empathy in the workplace for a number of years, but since the pandemic took hold, we've seen a real shift in how we communicate. Leaders have become more vulnerable, colleagues have opened up more to others and there's a sense we're all in this together.

Pre-pandemic, empathy was often a tick box exercise or pet project by an individual. As Belinda explains in this conversation, there is now a collective desire to allocate budget, time and resource to transform how we work. Indeed Belinda goes onto address the meeting culture, ensuring everyone has a voice within an inclusive culture to understand how everyone feels about the topic and to move forwards as a collective.

Empathy isn't a luxury, but it is a chance to reset how we think about work.

Biography of Belinda Parmar