"Trust has been degrading slowly since the 60s" - Scott Bedbury, In Conversation With MD, Nick Gold

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Scott Bedbury | 8 February 2023

In this episode of 'In Conversation With', marketeer extraordinaire and business pioneer Scott Bedbury spoke with our MD, Nick Gold, about where to begin when building a brand, trust and his experiences!  

Scott's approach goes far beyond traditional marketing to address the key factors of leadership and strategy in brand development. Having worked with legendary brands such as Nike, Starbucks, Samsung and Air BnB, he now helps CEOs and senior executives with brand strategies, not just for products, but for the whole organization.  

He is a warm and dynamic keynote conference speaker who teaches audiences the best practices in the areas of consumer insights, brand design, advertising, brand initiatives and non-traditional brand building tools such as experience marketing. 

He shows how one of the most important yet least understood assets for any company is its brand, and that ultimately everything matters to your brand whether it seems to on the surface or not. Scott’s holistic view brings fresh and valuable insights to an elusive but vital topic!

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