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Scott Bedbury has a genius for unleashing brand potential through innovative products, creative positioning, careful distribution and strategic partnerships. One of the world’s leading brand architects, he has honed and proven his methods for building truly successful brands as the marketing executive responsible for two of the most successful branding strategies in business history: Nike’s “Just do it!” campaign and Starbucks’ reinvention of the coffee category

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Scott is not just a successful marketeer. His approach goes far beyond traditional marketing to address the key factors of leadership and strategy in brand development. He helps CEOs and senior executives with brand strategies, not just for products, but for the whole organization.  He is a warm and dynamic keynote conference speaker.

.His book, " A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century ", explains how to apply the principles that grew these companies more than fivefold and established their trademarks as leaders in their industries. A warm and dynamic speaker, Scott Bedbury is CEO of Brandstream Inc., an independent brand development consultancy with major clients worldwide.

A New Brand World lays out groundbreaking principles for developing strong and lasting brands, practical and tested advice based on Scott’s experiences inside Nike and Starbucks and as an advertising executive and brand development consultant. Building on the central insight that brands are about who we are and yet they don’t completely belong to the companies that create them, Scott provides the indispensable guide to transcending the tangible aspects of a product or service and creating a deeper, more enduring relationship with customers.

At Starbucks, Bedbury helped redesign its stores, entered its products into dozens of new markets, developed Starbucks ice cream, bottled Frappuccino for the grocery channel, and established a global relationship with United Airlines. His brand development strategies took Starbucks from a few hundred stores to several thousand (currently 8,000), found new categories of customers, new ways to distribute product, and new products built on the basic coffee breakthrough.

During his seven years at Nike, his “Just Do It” campaign made the company a household word, won every conceivable advertising and marketing award in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and grew the company into a multi billion dollar corporation.

At the podium, Scott teaches audiences the best practices in the areas of consumer insights, brand design, advertising, brand initiatives and non-traditional brand building tools such as experience marketing. He shows how one of the most important yet least understood assets for any company is its brand, and that ultimately everything matters to your brand whether it seems to on the surface or not. Scott’s holistic view brings fresh and valuable insights to an elusive but vital topic.

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