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Joe is the former Head of Brand at innocent who tells the inspiring 18 year story of how a West London startup went on to become Europe's fastest growing drinks brand. Joe instils his audience with passion and determination. To Joe, brand communication needs to be natural, honest and engaging, at the heart of establishing innocent’s identity, Joe explains how business is simple if you keep things creative and consumer focused.

D: £3K - £5K
""A masterclass on branding and how to communicate with customers.""
Matador Publishing

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Joe spent the last ten years establishing smoothie makers innocent as one of the most engaging and loved brands in Europe.

As innocent’s first Communities Manager, he launched the brand on social media and led them to number one in the Social Brands 100 list. As UK Head of Brand, he was responsible for everything innocent said and did across digital, packaging, PR and customer service, as well as leading inspiring campaigns like The Big Knit (the one with the little woolly hats), which has raised more than £3 million for charity.

Joe tells the innocent story from West London startup nineteen years ago to Europe’s fastest-growing drinks brand today. It’s a story that involves entrepreneurial ability, original marketing and fruit by the bucket load. It is also an entertaining, candid insight into some of the major brand-building and personal lessons he’s learnt along the way.

Now working as a freelance consultant, Joe helps small brands grow big and big brands stay small. He still enjoys the odd smoothie with breakfast.

Joe believes good business needn't be complicated, and he's proud to work for a company that continues to listen and learn from its consumers. Experienced and highly adept, Joe can speak about entrepreneurialism, innovative customer service and creative marketing and branding.

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  • ""A masterclass on branding and how to communicate with customers.""
  • Matador Publishing

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