Pixie McKenna

Dr Pixie McKenna is a practicing GP and TV presenter who speaks to corporate audiences about health (including mental health), wellness and stress, how we can recognise the signs and implement coping strategies while we seek help. Pixie is best known for her role in Channel 4’s primetime, BAFTA-winning medical series 'Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘Freaky Eaters'.

D: £3K - £5K

Best known for her role in Channel 4’s primetime medical series ‘Embarrassing Bodies’. Dr. Pixie McKenna is the UK’s leading female media medic.

Having trained as a doctor and practiced as a GP, Pixie moved into TV to entertain and inform viewers. Pixie has gone onto present various shows including Freaky Eaters for BBC 3, Channel 4’s Food Hospital and Health Freaks and You Should Really See a Doctor for RTÉ Television.

With her experience and knowledge of sexual health, dermatology, women’s health and health promotion, Pixie has become the UK guru of ailments and conditions that are somewhat outside of the ordinary.

Pixie will also eloquently share practical information with corporate audiences to combat the stress and mental health epidemic we have in today's society.

Pixie has also created a series of child development books that kicked off with ‘Dr Pixie’s First Foods’ in January 2016.

Pixie is a practicing GP in London as well as working closely with brands such as Dreams, Waterwipes and Spotlight Oral Care. She is an accomplished speaker on a variety of medical topics including sexual health, women’s health and health promotion.

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