Danny Wallace

Writer and presenter, Danny Wallace is a witty host and speaker, bringing excitement and energy to an after-dinner event. Real-life Yes Man, Danny is sharp and slick. His dynamic profile and innovative comedic style makes him an ideal choice for presenting awards or hosting conferences.

C: £5K - £10K
"Danny was brilliant - a lovely guy, a delight to work with and perfect for the event."
Inspiring Women

Danny Wallace is both writer and presenter, founder of the Join Me movement and head of a self-declared nation state based in his bedroom. He also acts as quizmaster on School's Out, co-hosts Test the Nation with Anne Robinson and presents his own show on Xfm. As a raconteur who is quick on his feet, Danny Wallace is the perfect choice for any corporate event whether his role is as an after dinner speaker or presenting awards - he is a star.

Danny was part of the team behind Dead Ringers and The Mighty Boosh. His break came when he challenged his then flat-mate, the comedian Dave Gorman, to find 54 other people called Dave Gorman from around the globe. An award-winning stage show and BBC series followed.

When he's not hanging around on islands, obsessively studying the movements of the castaways, you'll find him writing books. Books such as  Join Me  (the true story of how he started his own cult... by accident) and  Yes Man  (which is all about how he started to say Yes... to everything) and Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe (when he looked for - and found! - the centre of the universe.  Sort of.)

The film adaptation of Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey, was the number 1 comedy across the world in 2009.

A former BBC comedy producer, he produced the Mighty Boosh (Radio 4), Ross Noble Goes Global (Radio 4) and many others. He has written for dozens of newspapers and magazines, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and The Sun.

Danny has been writing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, continually writing for the ShortList column, making appearances on TV and radio, and has been hailed as the BBC's Artist in Residence.

Danny has received numerous awards and nominations including:

  • Sony Award
  • Perrier nominations
  • Douglas Adams Award
  • WH Smith People's Choice Award Nomination
  • Broadcast Magazine

For further information or to book Danny Wallace, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk


For further information or to book Danny Wallace please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

What people said about Danny Wallace

  • "Danny was brilliant - a lovely guy, a delight to work with and perfect for the event."
  • Inspiring Women

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