Steve Leonard

Veterinary surgeon and wildlife TV presenter, Steve Leonard's passion and on-stage charisma make him an impressive and compelling host. Having first appeared on television when the BBC documented his progression from Vets School to Vets in Practice and Vets in the Wild, Steve is able to entice and inspire audiences with his many stories and his vast knowledge about animals.

D: £3K - £5K

Steve Leonard is a Veterinary Surgeon and TV Presenter  on wildlife shows, he is an entertaining and sought after keynote speaker .

Steve was born in Ireland and grew up in Cheshire, and studied to become a vet at Bristol Vet School. During his last year he was involved in a BBC Documentary focused on Veterinary students in their final year. The series was called ‘Vet School’ and was a huge success; so much so that another series called ‘Vets in Practice’ followed. Steve spent his first year as a vet working in Lancaster, treating farm animals and pets, while also being filmed by the BBC.

Steve’s TV success continued as he was asked to be involved in ‘Vets in the Wild’, which meant that he would travel around Africa working amongst other Wildlife vets - a dream come true for Steve.

His next television appearance was as a presenter for a series called ‘Ultimate Killers’, this time Steve travelled the world and got close to various weird and wonderful creatures. In 1999 he began working as a wildlife presenter for a host of channels including ITV, the BBC and Animal Planet and Discovery. He has also appeared on shows such as ‘Safari Vet School’, ‘Extreme Animals’ and ‘The Hottest Place on Earth’.

Steve has travelled the world as a Wildlife presenter and has a vast amount of knowledge on animals which he can share with his audience. He has the ability to entice and inspire audiences with his many stories.

In the past Steve has spoken for the National Geographical Society, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and zoological societies and Universities.

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