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Frank Skinner, comedian, chat show host, and long term radio presenter on Absolute Radio, is a perfect comedian for your event. Perhaps most loved for co-penning what is arguably the most sucessful English Football song ever ''Three Lions'', Frank was also the orignal prodcuer of Fantasy Football, alongside friend and fellow comedian, David Baddiel. Frank has audiences in stitches with his down to earth humour.

A: £15K & Over

Chris Collins played his first gig, in December 1987, at the Birmingham Anglers' Association. As there was already a Chris Collins in Equity, he used the name of a chap on his dad's dominoes team - Frank Skinner.

Frank's down-to-earth brand of humour won him the 1991 Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, beating  Jack Dee  and Eddie Izzard to the prize.

Since then he has gone on to become a household name. As talented a stand-up comedian  as he is a razor sharp talk show host, Frank Skinner has earned his place at the top of the comedy game.

His friendship with David Baddiel  produced the Fantasy Football and Unplanned series. But some would say that their ultimate achievement was co-writing and co-singing football song Three Lions which became a favourite on the terraces in the European Championship in 1996.

His first autobiography aptly titled " Frank Skinner " spent many weeks on the Times Best Selling list and is one of the most honest and humorous autobiographies available. Frank has since written a number of autobiographical books covering his life and career.

In 2009, Frank began presenting the weekend breakfast show on Absolute Radio, where he has won a cult following with his witty banter, and observations on current events.

A household name, Frank makes a great choice for awards hosting or a personal appearance.

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