12 Education Speakers In Celebration of World Teachers Day

5 October 2017

Do you fondly recall your favourite teacher at school? Or the professor who inspired you at university? Or the instructor on that short course who helped you level up in your job? Whatever your experience in the education system, teachers some of our earliest influencers in life who have the power to motivate us to achieve great things, which is why the good (and bad) ones tend to remain in our memories (Mrs. Hendy from Year 8, I'm looking at you).

In celebration of World Teachers' Day, which takes place annually on October 5th, we've rounded up (just some of) our team's recommended education speakers.

What is World Teachers' Day? Proclaimed an official global observance by UNESCO in 1994, the day commemorates a major step for teachers made back in 1966, when a special intergovernmental conference, convened in Paris, adopted the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, in cooperation with the ILO.

Significantly, this recommendation set forth the rights and responsibilities of teachers as well as international standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, teaching and learning conditions - all in the interest of raising the status of teachers to lead to quality education.

The date also celebrates the adoption by the UNESCO General Conference in 1997 of the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel.

Check out our education speaker round-up below, with more in  the selection on our website here , or discover further great suggestions by chatting with our friendly team of experts.

Richard Gerver

A highly respected authority on education, creativity,  leadership ,  Richard Gerver , who has worked closely with Ken Robinson, offers consultancy work and keynote speeches that are popular, persuasive and unique. His book Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today has become a seminal text in the development of education vision around the world.

Dr. Hannah Fry

Dr. Hannah Fry is a lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. She studies the patterns in human behaviour, uploading YouTube videos on topics like the mathematics of love, the mathematics of crime and terrorism - and the mathematics of winning Monopoly!

William Atkinson

One of the UK's best head teachers,  Sir William Atkinson  works at Phoenix High School in Shepherd's Bush London and was the inspiration for Hope and Glory, a TV drama about low results made good, bad behaviour vanquished, and lives transformed. He speaks with passion about how to inspire the "unteachables" and turn around the most difficult situations.

Dr. Ian Goldin

Dr. Ian Goldin is the first Director of Oxford's James Martin 21st Century School and a global futurist. A highly sought-after speaker, Ian is well-placed to give many recommendations for individuals, students, businesses, and policymakers on appreciating future trends in science, technology, climate change and demography in order to take control during these periods of uncertainty. Read his blog post about  why it is the best yet most perilous time to be alive .

Susie Dent

You probably recognise Susie Dent from her long-standing role in Channel 4’s Countdown as their resident lexicographer and etymologist. Intelligent and personable, Susie uses her presenting skills and passion for education to help companies to understand the need for clear communication and influence.

Anne-Marie Imafidon

A child prodigy who passed maths and ICT GCSEs aged ten, Anne-Marie Imafidon  - the founder of social enterprise Stemettes - is no stranger to education. Considered one of the most influential women in tech, Anne-Marie strives to help other women and girls (and any gender) achieve greatness in this field by showing the next generation that they can excel in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) fields.

Phil Beadle

The master of literacy, teaching and behavioural management,  Phil Beadle  is ideal for an education seminar. An internationally recognised creative teacher and expert on innovative learning, Phil's dynamic methods of teaching aim to revolutionise the way we think and learn in the classroom.

Guy Claxton

Cognitive scientist and author,  Professor Guy Claxton  is one of the UK's foremost thinkers on creativity, learning and the brain in both business and education. Influencing educational theory and practice across the world, Guy draws on his 'Building Learning Power' approach to cultivate the general strengths and attitudes that people need to thrive in a tricky world.

Gervase Phinn

Professor Gervase Phinn  taught in a range of schools, before becoming an education adviser and school inspector. He is now a freelance lecturer, broadcaster, writer, comedian and a consultant for the Open University. On the speaking circuit, Gervase blends together tales from his time as an inspector with his natural wit, to make for a charming after-dinner speaker.


Social entrepreneur and MOBO award-winning hip-hop artist  Akala  engages young audiences worldwide as founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company through his unique fusion of rap, rock, electro-punk and fierce lyrical storytelling. Like the bard himself, he captivates others with his words, business acumen, and passion for performance.

Sugata Mitra

‘Global Education Superstar’ (The Times),  Dr. Sugata Mitra  has been a successful researcher in cognitive science, educational technology and physics for more than 30 years. The global consequences of Sugata's discovery for closing the digital educational divide have resulted in him receiving many international awards, and his work inspired the Oscar-winning film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

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