Event Tips 6 Financial Experts To Explain The Economy

6 Financial Experts To Explain The Economy

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

What will Brexit mean for our financial future? How should we invest to become more profitable? Where are the opportunities in the global economy to help our business grow?

These are the burning questions that we hear from businesses looking to source a financial expert for their next event. With the enormous amount of conflicting information out there, coupled with the increasing political uncertainty, it's near impossible to make sense of it all. Sometimes you need an expert to help shed a little light and keep us on the straight and narrow.

We've pulled together a selection of highly recommended financial speakers to provide a glimpse into how your next event could be shaped. 

Dambisa Moyo


International economist, Dambisa Moyo is an expert in macroeconomics and global affairs. Using her vast experience and knowledge, Dambisa helps audiences understand how they can take advantage of global trends, geopolitics, and the changing world to enhance and grow their business. 

Sony Kapoor


Sony is a prominent economist and financial sector expert whose career spans investment banking, civil society, academia and policymaking across several countries. He advises several EU and emerging economy governments, central banks, regulators and investors on financial policy and investment strategy.

Rachel Lomax


Formerly the Deputy Governer of the Bank of England, Rachel is a prominent banker and economist. Using her financial, parliamentary and banking experience, Rachel helps businesses understand the current economic climate, monetary values and the travel industry.

Graeme Leach


Graeme is CEO & Chief Economist of macronomics which is a macroeconomic, geopolitical and future megatrends research consultancy. Acutely intelligent, Graeme can confidently make predictions for our uncertain future from combining his advanced research and making sense of the bigger picture.

DeAnne Julius CBE


Chairman of Chatham House and former intelligence analyst for the CIA, DeAnne Julius is a prominent keynote speaker. She can confidently cover a broad range of topics, from finance and economics, to business and management. Drawing on her time in the CIA and role as a project economist for the World Bank she can touch on global security and international market trends.

Xavier Sala-i-Martin


Professor of Economics & economic advisor to The World Economic Forum, Xavier Sala-i-Martin speaks with authority on the economu and the financial sector. He has the incredible ability to simplify complex financial issues, bringing humour and charm to his presentations.

Adam Shaw


Adam is a well-known financial and business journalist and who presents CNBC’s Internet of Things: Powering the Economy, looking at how the digital economy has disrupted existing business models. He has also presented for Horizons for BBC World News Series, the BBC One Show Panorama, the Tonight programme, From Our Own Correspondent and Working Lunch amongst others.

Sarah Pennells


As an experienced broadcaster and journalist, Sarah has become a leading voice on personal finance. She created the money website for women, savvywoman.co.uk, aimed at smart women who want more from their money. Her ability to explain complex issues in an engaging and accessible way makes Sarah a valuable addition to any corporate event.

So, that's just half a dozen experts who could make the difference, but why not review all our financial speakers to see who could be the golden ticket for your next event? 

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