8 Australian Speakers to Heat Up Your Event

24 January 2020

Australia may be on the other side of the world, but we’ve noticed an upsurge in not just clients looking for artists in the Oceania and Asia-Pacific region, but also speakers and artists flying across the world to participate at events. If you’re looking for an Aussie speaker to heat up your event line-up, then look no further!

We have rounded up some of our favourites, each with a very impressive background who will inspire, motivate, teach and provide thought provoking ideas, while presenting at a world class level.

The one thing they all have in common? They all call Australia home.

Julia Gillard

A familiar face in the world of politics (and from the same city as our resident Aussie), Julia was sworn in as the 27th and first female Prime Minister of Australia. With a long and impressive history in politics, with a particular interest in the education sector, Julia’s knowledge and experience is unrivalled. If you’re looking for a speaker to provide insight into the importance of education, especially in third world countries, and who can leave a lasting impression on the audience, then Julia is the one for you.

Andrew MacLeod

An inspiring keynote speaker who leaves audiences spellbound with his powerful delivery of what true leadership actually means, Andrew MacLeod is an author, humanitarian lawyer and former aid worker. Andrew has held positions with the International Committee for the Red Cross and served as Chief of Operations of the United Nations Emergency Coordination Centre, leading the international response to the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan. Sharing experiences from the front line of humanitarian efforts from Bosnia to Kosovo, Rwanda to Pakistan, Andrew draws parallels to the business world with key lessons on leadership.

Naomi Simson

Another face that is easily recognisable due to the success of her company RedBalloon and continuous involvement as an investor on the Australian TV Show Shark Tank, is Naomi Simson. With a breadth of knowledge relating to business & management, science & technology and entrepreneurship, Naomi draws from her own experience to provide an insightful and engaging performance, relatable across many audiences, and with her impressive background, there won’t be one person who isn’t inspired.

Scott Bales

Scott Bales is one of our technology and innovation gurus and it’s no surprise why he is a global leader in the arena known as The Digital Shift. With an impressive history working as the Chief Mobile Officer for Moven and a founding member of Next Bank, Scott has combined his fascination with people and the motivation behind the raw enthusiasm for technology. On a mission to transform societies thoughts around conventional business practices, Scott has both the technical insight and understanding of the consumer mindset to engage and entertain an audience.

Jessica Sansom

Formerly the Head of Sustainability at innocent drinks, Jessica is now a freelance sustainability strategy consultant. Taking her experience of working in both the public and private sector, and from the success of innocent, Jessica provides unprecedent insight to inspire both entrepreneurs and business audiences alike. With her fascinating background, it’s not surprising that she is a popular speaker with topics in demand comprising of sustainability and CSR.

Adam Hills

Not a name that needs a big introduction, Adam Hills achieved international acclaim as one of the world’s best stand-up comics. With performance highlights including the likes of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe – he is not shy of the world stage. With a trail of nominations for awards, there is no doubt he will be the star of the show and provide a performance that your audience will remember for years to come.

Gus Balbontin

After a chain of events that landed him in Australia, Gus Balbontin wanted to spend his life travelling and wound up becoming a designer at Lonely Planet, arguably the most influential travel company in the world. Working his way through jobs titles, Gus ended up running Lonely Planet and being the CTO before hanging up his shoes and advising companies including Google, Nokia, Apple and Amazon. With an incredible amount of energy and insights into the transformation, struggles and successes of a business, he is sure to be a hit at any event.

Tan Le

Founder and CEO of EMOTIV, a bio-informatics company focused on identifying biomarkers in the brain for mental and other neurological conditions using electroencephalography, Tan Le is an innovator, inventor & entrepreneur. She is pursuing the dream of widespread brain function screening to catch early signs of autism, epilepsy, learning disabilities, ADHD and other conditions. Tan’s vision is the potential to implement inexpensive cognitive and neurological monitoring for developmental disorders.

It's truly amazing who we find when we delve deep into our big book of contacts, so we hope this list of Aussie speakers has given you some inspiration for your next event.

Happy Australia Day!

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