Interview An Interview With David Erasmus

An Interview With David Erasmus

Social entrepreneur David Erasmus is focused on the third sector, where he believes in bringing together innovation, technology and social responsibility.

David Erasmus

What do you mostly get asked to speak about?

I mainly get asked to speak on Creative problem solving and creating a culture of innovation. I always share from a very vulnerable, personal and practical story telling mentality.

How did corporate speaking begin?

Most of the speaking I have done has been with students, young leaders and sector-specific conferences regarding Tech, Data, and Charity. Only since 2011 have I been getting asked to do more speaking in corporates about innovation, creative problem solving and using tech paradigm shifts to the companies advantage.

Which is my favourite?

I enjoyed speaking at MobileWebAfrica in South Africa 2011 as I was in the land of my birth telling stories about the topics I am most passionate about, Solving real problems for real people through Mobile and Social Tech.

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

I would love to share the stage with Bill Gates as for our parents' generation, he represents the line where tech meets philanthropy.

What are your key speaking topics?

I always make sure to only make one key point in any talk that is reinforced through many stories and from different angles but this makes it easier for people to take something meaningful away that they can implement into their lives. I try to use powerful imagery and videos to emphasis points, I have even had music written and used a live artist to illustrate a point :-)

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