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Interview An Interview With Geoff Miller

An Interview With Geoff Miller

Former England cricketer, Geoff Miller is a proficient and sparkling speaker. His self proclaimed greatest attribute was keeping his team mates amused.

What are the secrets to building a great team?

The two main attributes are quality and honesty, that is what I strive for, it's a long process but building a team around these principles, I believe, can only breed success.

How did the corporate speaking start?

My involvement in speaking first started when I was invited to a number of cricket functions, as these became more frequent I got invited to more and more and from this I became a bit of an after dinner speaker and then this transferred further, as I dipped my toes into the more motivational speaking engagements.

Do you remember your first ever speaking engagement?

Yes, it was in Chesterfield for their Rotary club, back in 1989, I had just returned from Australia and I didn't feel it went too well, as people heard that I was on the speaker circuit I started to get more and more invitations, so I thought maybe I should better brush up and as such I revisited my career and all the funny stories that went with it.

What was the last event you spoke at?

Last night, it was at a girls school and I gave a speech and answered some Q and A's, everyone seemed to go away very happy!

What was your favourite event and why?

My favourite event was probably the sports speaker of the year award...I won it! I was up against some stiff competition including some great speakers such as; Matt Dawson, Austin Healey, Eddie the Eagle and Jack Charlton

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