An Interview with Kim Walker

1 January 2012

Marketing guru, Kim Walker is an expert in knowing his consumer and specialises in helping companies bring business to the 50+ market. We chat to him to find out about his career and hobbies.

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

I’d loved to share a platform with Steve Jobs.

How did the corporate speaking all start?

I was in a professional choir from the age of 8, so stage performance comes naturally.

Can you remember your first speaking engagement?

Nope, too long ago!

And your last event?

Asia Pacific sales and marketing conference for Accor hotels.

Which event has been your favourite and why?

iMedia Summit, due to the large and enthusiastic crowd.

If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?

It would be TED.

On average, how many times a year do you speak at corporate events?

5 to 10 times.

Do you use PowerPoint?

Yes. Or Apple keynote.

Are you as happy speaking to 50 as to 1,000 people?

No. I prefer large crowds. But, if smaller ones are good calibre then it becomes worthwhile.

How do you like to be introduced?

As a well-rounded human being!

Do you always like to do a briefing call before the event?

Absolutely, it is completely necessary.

What are the most asked for topics?

How to develop business with the Silver market.

Is your speech at all interactive with audience participation?

Usually I have interactive elements, but, always something memorable.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing speaking anecdotes you care to share?

A bride-to-be interrupted my presentation as she was inspecting the hall for her intended reception. A discussion ensued which paralleled some points I was trying to communicate. She was a paid actress ‘planted’ by me.

Your favourite film?

The Deer Hunter.

Favourite book?

The Count of Monti Christo.

Favourite holiday destination?


What’s your tipple?

Red wine

Country or townie?


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