5 HR Speakers To Help You Maximise Talent in the Evolving Workplace

29 November 2018

The workplace environment is changing upon recognition, which brings with it unique challenges as businesses struggle to unlock the vast potential within its workforce.

This includes the emergence of Millennials as future leaders , with Generation Z starting to begin their careers, both full of energy, determination to succeed and a desire to work for a meaningful purpose. Of course, the younger generations will inevitably clash with their experienced colleagues, creating a fascinating contrast in today's multi-generational workplace.

We're so lucky to spend time with experts from across the generations who give us a unique insight into tomorrow's challenges. And so, we've delved into our notebooks to give you a flavour of  HR experts  who can help provide some fresh inspiration to maximise talent in your business.

Tamara Erickson

Tamara is a McKinsey Award-winning author and globally respected specialist on the relationships between individuals and corporations, and a leading analyst of the changing workforce. Her expertise in business management; her advanced skill set, and her professional keynote presentations are widely praised on the corporate circuit.

Adam Kingl

Adam teaches companies how to survive challenging times ahead, providing a practical approach to unleashing personal and team creativity, improving both strategic and management innovation, and fulfilling organisational and personal purpose in work-life. Leveraging his research on the work and leadership paradigms of Generation Y, Adam shines a light on the future of business for individuals and organisations.

Seth Mattison

Seth is an internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. With his finger on the pulse of today’s changing workforce, Seth blends storytelling from his own personal experience working with category leading brands while leveraging cutting edge research to develop fresh perspectives on the key strategic issues most relevant for today’s leaders.

Jean Tomlin

Jean was HR Director for the London 2012 Olympic Games looking after a team of 200,000 staff to pull off the most successful Olympics in history. An expert in people management and customer service, Jean offers innovative insights to a corporate audience.

And for something a little different...

Amy Brann

Amy blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges. With presentations brimming with practical information and strategies, Amy shares uniquely insightful ways for people to access their potential.

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