News Kate Humble's Family Values

Kate Humble's Family Values


Awards host and television presenter Kate Humble has recently revealed what her family values are in an interview with the Guardian.

In her interview, Kate revealed that she got many of her personality traits from her father, which included being ‘stubborn, very principled and hot tempered.’ She stated that her parents taught her a valuable lesson that the best things in life do not cost anything.

Kate explains that she has been ‘horse-mad since the age of five’ and has always been one for the outdoors. She said that when she was younger she ‘climbed trees, fell down things and did snail races.  I was always covered in scabs and stitches from falls. I've never been elegant.’

Kate is currently leading the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, which aims to keep British beaches ‘barefoot friendly’ by collecting rubbish. In her interview she talks about how she has always been incredibly independent and would go on her own little adventures.

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