Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet – What can Businesses Learn from the Music World?

13 February 2019

The discipline required as a musician is relentless. Hours upon hours of practise, fine-tuning and preparation to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance and once it’s finished, its back to the beginning again.

As a novice musician myself, I have many memories of waking up at 6am every day to get an hour of piano practise in before I head to school. It’s simultaneously one of the most frustrating yet rewarding professions and provides a fascinating case study into the importance of motivation, teamwork and performance under pressure.

No strangers to performing in front of huge crowds, here’s a flavour of the music industry’s finest who bring a rather different beat to corporate events.

Mark Schulman

A speaker who really packs a punch, working with some of the world’s A-list artists including the likes of Cher, Billy Idol, Destiny’s Child and P!nk, is Mark Schulman , one of the world’s best drummers. For a stand-out keynote, Mark disguises his drumming abilities into a cunning keynote, discussing the relevance on teamwork and peak performance in a truly unique way. Adding to his impressive list is founding Create Now!, mentoring troubled children’s lives through creative arts. A truly inspirational and impressive speaker.

Charles Hazlewood

A global and pioneering career conducting some of the world’s greatest orchestras, Charles Hazlewood  covers a range of topics from leadership, motivation, teamwork and innovation. His inspirational story includes founding the Paraorchestra, the world’s first professional ensemble of musicians with disabilities, which played at the Paralympics closing ceremony at London 2012. Comparing a working orchestra to a business, he highlights the need for everyone to work in harmony, bringing in musical examples that will be a stand out act to an audience.

The One Voice Experience

Intertwining team harmony, motivation and creativity is The One Voice Experience , who demonstrate the collective power of song, combining all the voices in a team to work as one to create something memorable. Facilitated by internationally-renowned singer, songwriter and performer Sarah Warwick, she will get an audience up on their feet, creating a moment that will last a lifetime. Perfect for those ice-breaker activities!

Drum Café

If team building and motivation is a theme for an event, but you’re wanting to incite more audience participation and break up keynotes, then the Drum Café  could be the perfect fit. Raising the pulse and awakening the senses, the Drum Café transfers this cultural experience to anyone who is willing to learn. Highlighting the positive and negative dynamics through group discussion or observation, the importance of working cohesively is pushed across along with unique entertainment.

Evelyn Glennie

A motivational speaker with a difference, Evelyn Glennie defeated the odds and became one of the world’s most popular percussionists despite being profoundly deaf. Performing globally with the world’s greatest orchestras, including opening the London 2012 Olympic Games and providing masterclasses educating the next generation in the art of percussion, she breaks down all barriers in her way. An incredibly determined individual paired with her inspirational story about overcoming adversity and achieving dreams, she is one to hear.

Benjamin Zander

At the epicentre of leadership, emphasising the importance of teamwork and motivation is former conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Benjamin Zander . No stranger to the international speaking circuit, Benjamin pulls from his fascinating history being a world class conductor, coaching and teaching musicians, and takes the audience on a journey presenting a new perspective on leadership.

Musicians creatively tie business objectives of leadership, motivation and teamwork with examples from their past performances. They will have your audience up on their feet drumming and singing along, or completely enthralled in their story and joining them on the journey. For a truly memorable event, and to break up the more traditional keynotes, a musician may have your audience humming along to your tune for months to come.

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