Blog Building Unbreakable Bonds: 13 Motivational Teamwork Speakers

Building Unbreakable Bonds: 13 Motivational Teamwork Speakers

A strong team is what holds an organisation together, weathering the hard times and leading to the successful ones. It's what gets an intrepid expedition group up Everest during a blizzard; an exhausted rowing crew to the finishing line during a race; and an orchestra producing harmonious melodies.

To achieve this coveted level of high-performance and get your business working like clock-work, it is essential to engender a culture of teamwork and communication in the workplace. Showing us how are teamwork speakers, whose lessons and anecdotes derive from many arenas, including business, sport, adventure, military and more. Here are a few of our team’s faves!

Mark Gallagher – Formula 1 Management 


Mark Gallagher sits in the front seat of the Formula One industry where lessons in teamwork and high-performance abound. The well-known motor sporting expert and broadcaster has held management roles within major F1 constructors Cosworth, Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing, and is able to draw key lessons from the adrenaline-filled racetrack to the everyday workplace.

Drum Cafe – Musical Workshop


For something a little bit different, Drum Cafe delivers an unforgettable interactive event that is both uplifting and inspiring for team. A perfect way to break down boundaries and bring people together, this brilliant troop know how to energise and entertain an audience, from a corporate workshop to children’s party. 

Andrew Strauss – Cricket


The Director of Cricket for England, and the former England Test Cricket Captain, Andrew Strauss (OBE) combines his inspirational success story with motivational messages about leadership and teamwork. Considered one of the finest batsmen in the game, this born leader developed a plan for the national side to achieve world No.1 Test ranking - so you can be sure he knows a thing or two about managing a great team.

Cath Bishop - Olympic Rowing


Silver-medallist Cath Bishop tells her story of Olympic rowing triumph from a unique vantage point to show how a strong team makes for exceptional results. As well an athlete, Cath has spent time in the world’s most hostile conflict zones as a diplomat. She smoothly relates her diverse experiences to practical strategies that enable companies, and the individuals within them, to unlock their full potential.

Alan Chambers – Royal Marines


Former Royal Marine Alan Chambers spent 16 years facing challenges in the world's most hostile environments; he was awarded the MBE for Determined Leadership in Constant Adversity at the age of 32. An excellent teamwork speaker, he deftly communicates the skills that he acquired from his experiences to audiences to help them understand how to get a team working together through the toughest of business challenges. 

Kate Richardson-Walsh – Olympic Hockey


The most-capped British hockey player in history, Kate Richardson-Walsh, OBE, was the England and Great Britain Captain who led the women's team to Gold at Rio 2016. An accomplished speaker, she can offer a motivational keynote or a team-building workshop. Alongside her teammate and wife Helen, she continues to create a legacy in sport and to work to ensure diversity is accepted, both on and off the pitch.

Ed Coats – South Pole Expedition


A doctor and Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in South West England, Ed Coats was chosen to join James Cracknell and Ben Fogle on their race to the South Pole, the first attempt of its kind since Captain Scott was beaten by Amundsen in 1912. His keynotes and motivational speeches focus on leadership and team performance under extreme pressure.

Sean Fitzpatrick – Men’s Rugby


International Rugby legend Sean Fitzpatrick draws upon his experiences as a winning team captain to offer his expertise as a leader to businesses and management. With a series of impressive world records under his belt, the most-capped All Black player of all time and founder of Front Row Hospitality entertains and motivates with tales about his time on the pitch and within the media.


Maggie Alphonsi – Women’s Rugby


The face of international women’s rugby, Maggie Alphonsi (MBE) has represented England no less than 74 times, helped her country win a record-breaking seven consecutive Six Nations crowns, and was key to the team’s first World Cup victory in 20 years in 2014. As a motivational teamwork speaker, Maggie draws on her prolific sporting career to shares tactics for tackling challenges head-on, performing under pressure and challenging perceptions.

Natalia Cohen - Rowing the Pacific


Natalia Cohen was part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. With no rowing experience prior to applying, Natalia shows how with a determined, aligned team, and with a positive mindset, you can cross your own personal Pacific. 

Charles Hazlewood - Conductor


Internationally-renowned conductor, motivational speaker and after dinner host, Charles Hazlewood has won hearts and minds around the world with his ground-breaking musical projects. Moving audiences to laughter and occasionally tears, his presentations on teamwork, leadership, authenticity, trust, creativity and change have inspired the likes of Google, the US Federal Reserve, Mulberry and TED.

Marc Priestley – F1 Mechanic


Marc Priestley’s thrilling insights into the F1 business model are unique, eye-opening, and pertinent for multiple industries. As a keynote, after dinner and motivational speaker, Marc draws on his experience at McLaren Racing to share what the motor racing sport can teach us about key areas of business, including marginal gains, image management, rapid productivity, and data analysis.

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