Blog Space, Music and The Knowledge Guild: Here's What We've Been Talking About This Month

Space, Music and The Knowledge Guild: Here's What We've Been Talking About This Month

In case you missed it, here is a handy round-up of everything we've been talking about this October.

Speaker Visits

As the cold weather started creeping in, we decided to open up our little black book and invite some speakers to come in and visit us, and it's been our absolute pleasure to welcome chief legal correspondent, barrister, broadcaster and comedy script writer, Clive Coleman, and business consultant, author, commentator and columnist, Jeff Grout. In fact, there are too many speakers to list here, but because we are so nice, we've drafted a handy write-up of the other speakers who have dropped in.

A Cheeky Follow

We also thought it worth mentioning that we are frustratingly only a few hundred followers away from 10k on Twitter! Help us hit that milestone by giving us a cheeky follow.

The Knowledge Guild

As you probably know (and may have even attended), last week we held our special diversity-themed Knowledge Guild speaker showcase event! We were thoroughly inspired by the speakers on the night, and if you'd like to see them in action we have put together a lovely highlights video - just scroll down to watch it!

Keep scrolling down to see our latest, blogs, interviews and more.

Latest Video

Highlights from our latest Knwoledge Guild event.

Latest Blogs

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divers-spe-1.jpg sustai-spe.jpg

Speaker Interviews

nancy-2.jpg matt-p-2.jpg

david-2.jpg helena-2-1.jpg

Meet the Team

payal-2.jpg roma-2-1.jpg

Latest Showreels

duena.jpg markus.jpg

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