Blog What Connects Man and AI? | The Week That Was

What Connects Man and AI? | The Week That Was

Hello I’m Natalia, the Digital Content Marketer for Speakers Corner.

With the excitement of the New Year winding down we’re lucky to always have incredible speakers walking through our doors to challenge our thinking and inspire us to greatness.

Whether it’s a 5-minute meditation or ideas to shake up your business, discover who we saw this week at Speakers Corner.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee


5 minutes of focus on your mind, body or heart can dramatically change your life. That's what Abbie learned at the How To Academy event with Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

From a 5-minute stretching routine to taking a moment to be more mindful, we’re using this habit-changing tip to reinvigorate the new year!

Brian McBride


We began our Tuesday with the topic of digital transformation from former CEO of Amazon UK and Chairman of ASOS, Brian McBride.

He spoke about the forces that brought on the disruptive era of technology and the importance of using AI to deliver what customers truly want. 

In his own powerful words, “Evolve or die. Standing still is not an option.”

Robbie Stamp


The next day we confronted the moral quandary of Artificial Intelligence with author, award-winning television producer, and leading authority on the Governance and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Robbie Stamp.

We sat down with Robbie to understand the deep human connection between man and AI and pondered whether it’s truly AI we fear, or what it reflects back to us…

Nick Jankel


There is no such thing as a silver-bullet solution to problems, but there are ways of challenging yourself to adapt to change and difficult situations.

Whether it’s creating space for new and innovative ideas in your business or taking risks and learning from failures; transformational futurist Nick Jankel illuminated our afternoon by inspiring us to not just fit the future but learn to forge it. No silver-bullet required.

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