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Nick Jankel is a thought leader and best-selling author whose ideas are focused on removing the pain of change so that organizations and leaders can forge the future rather than fail it. A polymath who has given keynotes at No.10 Downing Street, Yale and Google, Nick has forged a rigorous pathway for unleashing breakthroughs in uncertain and complex times called the Switch On Way.

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"We were very pleased with Nick's presentation at our conference, it fitted our theme of collaboration so well and got a great response from the delegates on the day."
Lane4 Management Group

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A keynote speaker, an award-winning scientist and the founder of Switch On Worldwide, Nick’s ideas, tools and original research are designed to take the pain out of business transformation, blast through the barriers that block innovation and disappear the dysfunction of teams so that every organisation can forge the future.

Originally an expert on the "outer game" of business change - leading innovation, customer-driven strategy, branding and marketing for companies like Xbox, Nike, PlayStation, Disney and Microsoft to name a few - Nick realised the hard way that the "inner game" - purpose, leadership, mindset and culture - is where the secret to long-term success resides. Companies that don't get this end up failing the future rather than creating it because both global risks and more creative and agile competitors disrupt them eventually, no matter what.

A former medic, Nick uses the latest biology to show that every person in the audience is born for breakthrough but that old thinking and old habits get in the way of the continuous transformations they need to stay relevant in a VUCANS world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Networked and Stressed).

Nick has spent 25 years cracking the code on breakthrough change and how to use science, wisdom and entrepreneurial tools to hack through hearts, minds and culture to wrestle breakthroughs from the jaws of chaos.

A polymath, Nick has forged a rigorous and cohesive pathway, philosophy and toolkit for consciously and strategically unleashing and implementing transformational change called the Switch On Way. It can cut through any treacle to make transformation happen, engage hearts and minds in purposeful change and seize world-changing opportunities to create exponential value before anyone else has even spotted them.

Nick is an advisor to organisations as diverse as Novartis, LEGO, Nike, No. 10 Downing Street, the State Department, Oxfam, Unilever and BBC who all share the ambition to shape a compelling future for their stakeholders. He hosted his own TV series on BBC TV, has been featured in the FT and The Economist and taught at London Business School and Yale. He obtained a Triple 1st Class degree in Medicine & Philosophy from Cambridge University and is the author of a number of books on creativity, leadership and change, including the international bestseller Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity With the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough.

Each talk or keynote Nick delivers contains cutting-edge science, enlightening insights and real-life stories from the front lines of breakthrough to inspire, engage and wow his audience. He customizes each and every talk to fit the unique audience and mission and offers experiential exercises and powerful take-away tools.

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  • "We were very pleased with Nick's presentation at our conference, it fitted our theme of collaboration so well and got a great response from the delegates on the day."
  • Lane4 Management Group

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