What Makes A World-Class Salesperson? | A Q&A with Tony Morris

12 June 2018

Tony Morris is a sales expert and motivational speaker, whose high-energy message leads individuals and organisations to incredible success. Having been in sales from the age of 18, Tony knows sales as well as he knows life and has the ability to translate his hands-on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy An inspiring speaker and a powerful sales trainer to over 8,000 sales professionals, we suggest you check out his top sales tips below!

Hi Tony. What separates a good salesperson from a world-class salesperson?

There are a few key differences between good and world-class:

  1. World class are always looking to learn, grow and develop. Every win or loss is a lesson and a gift to help them win more business.
  2. World class are tenacious without being pushy and an annoyance. If they know they can help a client, they’ll keep going.
  3. World class have a positive attitude and they focus on what they do achieve, not what they don’t.
  4. World class salespeople don’t sell; they help people buy.
  5. World class salespeople do the little things that make the big difference!

What common errors do people make in their selling tactics that put off consumers?

They come across like they are pitching, without truly listening and understanding their prospective customer needs.They speak 70% of the time, rather than get the prospect speaking and making them comfortable.

Are some industries faced with more/different challenges when it comes to selling products/services than others?

Each industry has its own challenges. Some more difficult than others. In the property industry, Estate Agents are significantly reducing their fees to win instructions; however, the world-class salespeople know how to convey their value and be confident and proud that they are the most expensive.

Thinking about the consumer of the present and future, how has the way we ‘sell’ had to change/adapt over time?

Consumers are far savvier and better informed than ever before. Therefore we need to be experts and specialists in our field to instill confidence in our consumer.We need to be able to build value better than ever before, as there will always be many online offerings at half your price.We have to use a combination of social media and calling, rather than rely on a cold call like in the past.We have to be more proactive than ever before and not rest on our laurels.

What key takeaways do you want an audience to leave with?

That world class sales people win all their business by repeat clients and referred clients. I will give them the most powerful and effective techniques how to win referrals for life. To understand that their job is not to sell, it’s to help people buy. To learn how to build value and gain trust in seconds.

Thanks Tony!

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