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Sean Fletcher is a familiar face on our TV screens with extensive experience covering documentaries, news and sports across the BBC network. However Sean's multicultural heritage and personable broadcasting style, combined with specialist knowledge in a diverse range of areas, allows him to connect with multiple audiences making him a wonderful asset for any corporate event.

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Sean Fletcher’s multicultural heritage and personable broadcasting style, combined with specialist knowledge in a diverse range of areas, allows him to connect with multiple audiences.

Sean was born in New York to British and Zimbabwean parents, but was raised in England, attending Kings College London to complete a Geography degree before training to become a journalist.

He began his career reporting and researching for BBC Radio 4’s Late Tackle programme, and on BBC Radio 5 Live. Opportunities arose to produce and report in Cardiff on BBC One and BBC Two Wales, as well as BBC Radio Wales. During that time he worked on a TV documentary in war-torn Croatia. While in Wales he was invited to be a part of an exciting new line up fronting a new programme called BBC 2W News and Sport. It proved to be the springboard for his broadcasting career and led to him presenting the sport on BBC Wales Today.

It’s in the Welsh capital where he has best demonstrated his interest and ability in languages. He set about learning welsh with his children and is now bi-lingual. Sean attends a church in central London and so has an insight and special knowledge in a range of areas – travel, music, language and religion.

Sean’s career has seen him appear on the BBC News Channel, and he was the face of sport on BBC One’s Weekend 10 O’Clock News, as well as BBC World News. He has also spent time at BBC Breakfast, Sky News and Sky Sports News.

He fronted BBC World’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and has regularly reported from the Six Nations Championship, Wimbledon, the Grand National, as well as the London Olympic, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and The Tour de France.

He has been a news reporter and presenter for BBC London News, and recently returned to present their Inside Out series. As a journalist he has covering issues surrounding immigration, people trafficking, prostitution, fatherhood, ethnicity, identity, and knife crime.

Sean has fronted a number of documentaries, from the abolition of the slave trade, to Britain’s growing mixed race population. Sean was born in New York, so the continuing racial tensions in America are a particular area of interest to him. He connected his American past with a civil rights landmark when he got Loving vs Virginia commissioned by the BBC. It’s a largely unknown story of the ordinary couple who ended the racist law which banned mixed race marriages in the USA in the 1960s. The backbone of the programme was his personal journey, back to his roots in the USA where he was born to a black mum and a white dad. It was shortlisted for the ‘BBC World best doc of the year’ award.

Sean’s charity work has seen him complete the London marathon three times. He’s an ambassador for the mental health charity YoungMinds, as well as Beating Bowel Cancer. In May 2017 he took part in the first series of Bryony Gordon’s Mad World Podcast with his son, who suffers from OCD. Prior to that he teamed up with his wife to win ITV’s All Star Mr & Mrs, and raise £30,000 for Beating Bowel Cancer.

Sean’s wide appeal and personable demeanour makes him a wonderful host for corporate events.

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