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Drawing on the latest cutting-edge research and practice, Dr. Balick offers exciting insights from the world of psychology in accessible and applicable ways to a variety of audiences.

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Aaron Balick, PhD is a psychotherapist, cultural theorist, media consultant, author, and director of Stillpoint Spaces International: an organisation devoted to the psychological exploration of contemporary society. He is passionate about sharing the latest psychological research and practice in ways that can be applied by individuals, organisations, and communities. Aaron has a particular interest in the psychology of technology, and has written extensively on this subject.

Dr. Balick has spoken across the world sharing his insights with a wide variety of audiences from entrepreneurs and business leaders to academics and professional bodies. He is a leading voice in the media on psychological issues with 20 years experience contributing mental health content for the BBC, online, on the radio, and on television. He has been a regular voice for mental health content on BBC Radio 1, and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Digital Human, as a presenter on CBBC’s Lifebabble, and co-presents the Seeking the Self podcast with Nathalie Nahai. He has written for The Independent, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post on issues to do with psychology, mental health, and technology.

Aaron is an honorary senior lecturer at the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex (UK). He is the author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected-up instantaneous culture and the self and the illustrated children’s self-help book Keep Your Cool: how to deal with life’s worries and stress for 11 to 15 year olds. His most recent book is The Little Book of Calm: tame your anxieties, face your fears, and live free which is also available in audiobook.

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