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Companies are battling with social isolation and maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of their employees in the midst of serious global health concerns.

At Speakers Corner, we want to support our clients, share ideas, find creative solutions to the massive challenge’s businesses are currently facing and are delighted to share our first virtual event showcase on mental health, Speakers Corner Connects: 'It's Time to Look After Our Mental Health'.

Hosted by our MD Nick Gold, we began the event with Linda Papadopoulos, who shared how we can get our emotional five-a-day, and gave us tools to help check in with our mental health and stay connected with our teams.

Our next speaker was Mark Henick, a mental health expert who shared his incredible journey with mental illness and suicide, and helped us refocus our attention on hope, recovery and how to ask for help when we need it most.

The event ended with Dr. Aaron Balick, a psychotherapist and cultural theorist who began his speech with a deeply relaxing re-centering practice that required focus and deep breathing. He questioned whether we where holding space for ourselves, and how we could create safe spaces for others while continuing to ground ourselves in times of unprecedented change.

Professor Adrian Furnham, who is renowned as one of the most productive psychologists in the world, delivered a pre-recording ahead of our virtual event to share insights on how businesses can help support their employees mental health during this period.

After a brief Question & Answer session, where we asked our experts: How do business leaders lead when working with their own mental health? How do we move our lives, our work, and events online? What does the future of work look like in times of crisis? We generated an insightful conversation that delved deep into mental health and helped to hopefully support our clients and inspire creative solutions to the massive challenge’s businesses are currently facing.

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