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Internationally acclaimed conductor and music producer, Christian Gansch is an informed motivational speaker. Combining two perspectives of the musical world, as a musician and as a manager, he has been able to formulate a bespoke speech, which demonstrates the similarities between orchestras and company structures. Dynamic and focused, Christian appeals to diverse audiences.

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"You said many of the right things and communicated these boldly!"
Torsten Daenert
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Conductor, consultant, acclaimed author and music producer Christian Gansch, is an international motivational and keynote speaker and was awarded four Grammys for his work.

His keynote speeches draw on the parallels between businesses and orchestras, with a focus on teamwork, coaching, complex leadership structures and how to create unparalleled unity within an organisation.

For a decade Christian conducted the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, then moving into the business side of music, producing over 190 CDs internationally with artists such as Pierre Boulez, Claudio Abbado and Anna Netrebko, for which he was awarded four Grammys.

As a conductor he has led most of the world’s largest orchestras, including the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France in Paris; the English BBC Orchestra; the Russian National Orchestra, and the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin. He conducted Beethoven’s 9 symphonies with the Orchestra Teatro La Fenice in Venice in 2004 and gave his Proms debut at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Not just an orchestral conductor, Christian has led operas too, including Mozart's Marriage of Figaro in the UK.

He received multiple Record Academy Awards in the Best Concerto Disc category for Beethoven’s five piano concertos, and as a producer for Mahler’s 8th Symphony with the Berlin Staatskapelle.

With experience in the music world spanning from musician, to conductor to manager, Christian’s coaching concept comes from a unique place, where music meets business, and where leading an orchestra relates in synchronicity with running a business.

Demonstrating similarities between orchestras and company structures, Christian decodes the high potential for human conflicts, leadership issues and complex integrated communications from both, to gleam lessons and strategies for businesses all over the world.

Now a consultant for major organisation aiding communication and development, Christian draws on the research in his best-selling books in his keynote speeches helping companies to progress to unimaginable heights.

Knowing the craftsmanship, unity and harmony needed in an orchestra, Christian can bring these skills to a business and teach companies how to implement them to achieve successful results.

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  • "You said many of the right things and communicated these boldly!"
  • Torsten Daenert

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