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One of the world's most respected and instantly recognisable athletes, Duncan Goodhew is an Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer and a popular motivational speaker on the corporate circuit whose delves into goal-setting and how to stay motivated. His TV appearances, impressive athleticism and absolute determination combine to make Duncan a national hero.

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Duncan Goodhew won an Olympic Gold in the 100m breast stroke race in Moscow in 1980 and is still one of the most recognisable athletes in the UK.  He is busy on the corporate speaker circuit and in his motivational speeches, he delves into goal setting and how to stay motivated.

Duncan is an Olympic 100m breast stroke Gold Medallist, a feat which he claimed in Moscow 1980.  He also won a Bronze Medal for the 4 x 100m medley relay.  Losing his hair at 10 years of age and being dyslexic were two obstacles which encouraged Duncan to become a winner. Swimming was his forte, so this is where he set out to succeed.  His TV appearances and impressive athleticism combined to make Duncan a household name, it was his absolute determination that made him a national hero.

Duncan’s amazing success with BT Swimathon is well known.  From its inception in 1988, Swimathon has raised over £10m for worthwhile causes and is one of BT’s most profitable and highly-regarded sponsorship campaigns.

He has been instrumental in the success of the BAA Youth Games, encouraging young people to participate and attain their goals.  Duncan, together with other legendary athletes including Sally Gunnell, Steve Cram, Trevor Brooking etc, do a brilliant job by giving their time and encouragement to thousands of youngsters.  With his charismatic personality and Olympic achievements, Duncan is a role model for the young.

Duncan’s considerable sporting and business experience, combined with his personable nature, informed approach and articulate delivery, make him an obvious choice for all manner of corporate events.  He is first and foremost a motivational speaker, but with many anecdotes and funny stories, he is also on the after dinner speaking circuit, as well as being available for personal appearances and team building events.

Much-admired and committed to everything he turns his hand to, Duncan constantly impresses him fans and audiences with his professionalism and enthusiasm.

A hit on the corporate circuit, Duncan has spoken at many large-scale and tight-knit business events, sharing his commitment to his arduous training routine, the skills needed to be a world-class performer and the motivation necessary to keep going. He shares these similar ideas in his publications and books.

Believing that success is an individual matter, Duncan pioneers the approach that to be successful you must set your own criteria for achievement, redefining the nature of success in itself.

Motivating delegates and spurring on success, Duncan is a brilliant choice for the corporate circuit.

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