Emma Lawton

Since being diagnosed with Parkinsons at 29, Emma has gone on to become an inspirational blogger, acclaimed writer, speaker, Honorary Doctor in Inclusive Design, well-loved stand-up comic and co-founder of tech start-up More Human.

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Emma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 29. Making it her mission to raise awareness about the condition and continue her life as planned, she began campaigning and sharing her story on social media.

In an attempt to spread the awareness net even wider in 2017, Emma wrote and published a book on life with Parkinson’s. She self-published her first book written in a diary style, 'Dropping the P Bomb' which charted the highs and lows of her first year with the condition. Packed with dark humour, the booked warmed readers’ hearts and received rave reviews.

In 2018, Emma video blogged for 365 days to show what it's truly like to live with Parkinson's. She interviewed people who have been involved with her story so far, showing that life goes on after diagnosis.

Furthermore, in 2019, Emma embarked on her new video blog project which was titled, ‘The F---it List’ and followed her on her journey to do something new every day for 365 days. Not only did Emma raise awareness for Parkinson's, but she also proved that no matter who you are, you can have adventures and invest in yourself.

She also featured in the BBC2 documentary ‘The Big Life Fix’ where Microsoft’s Haiyan Zhang created a bespoke wearable device that allowed her to write and draw for the first time in years.

With humour being a really powerful tool when talking about difficult subjects, Emma’s comedy deals with the complexities of living with Parkinson's in an irreverent, honest and playful way. Covering topics like dating with Parkinson's, the perils of eyeliner and shaky hands and the time she almost headbutted Theresa May, Emma’s comedy is impactful yet equally hilarious.

Emma is also the co-founder of tech-startup More Human, whose mission is to reduce loneliness by empowering anyone to be a brilliant organiser of community events and clubs. Since December 2019, hundreds of organisers have used the online platform to create and run successful events faster and easier than ever before.

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