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Blowing the whistle on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California in 1993, whilst working for Mary & Vititoe Erin Brockovich took on the bad guys and won her case. Erin's solo investigation and subsequent setting up of her own consultancy firm, Brokovich Research and Consulting, makes her an ideal motivational and inspirational speaker, as she tells her story of how she stood up for what she believed in.

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"HUGE success!! The entire event, including the luncheon, exceeded our expectations!! Loved meeting Erin - her speech was EXCELLENT!!!"
Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC
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Erin Brokovich became a household name after the film was released, based on true events in her life. The exceptional story of her solo investigation makes her an ideal motivational speaker and an inspirational reminder of the power of the human spirit.

The film ‘Erin Brokovich’ received 5 nominations at the Academy Awards, with Julia Roberts winning the award for Best Actress for her role as Erin. The film exposed Erin’s story on a global scale and her name was known all over the world.

Erin’s story is an inspiring tale of what happens when someone has the courage to stand up for what they believe is right, even when fighting a far more powerful source. Erin began working for Masry & Vititoe after they took on her car crash case after she was seriously injured. Erin begged Masry for a job with their firm, as a file clerk and eventually they accepted and hired her.

While working for Mary & Vititoe, Erin uncovered medical records on a pro bono real estate case that took her interest. She was given permission by Masry to investigate further and found that the people living in Hinkley, California between the 1960’s and 1980’s had all been exposed to the toxic gas Chromium 6. The gas had leaked from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Compressor Stadium and in 1996 Erin and Masry lead the biggest lawsuit of its kind. Erin and Masry won the case and the company was made to pay out an estimated $330 million, the largest legal settlement of its kind in US history, to more than 600 of the Hinley residents.

Erin continued to work for Masry & Vititoe for 10 years and was in charge of other environmental lawsuits. Since she has set up her own consultancy firm, ‘Brokovich Research and Consulting’, where she continues to fight hard for environmental cases. Her story is an inspiring one and she is an accomplished motivational speaker, who champions overcoming adversity and achieving success against the odds.

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  • "HUGE success!! The entire event, including the luncheon, exceeded our expectations!! Loved meeting Erin - her speech was EXCELLENT!!!"
  • Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC
  • "Erin was delightful, inspiring, easy to work with, insightful, funny and a media magnet. Our supporters are reinvigorated!"
  • Citizens for Clean Air
  • "Erin was truly inspirational! She had me laughing and crying and made me really reflect on who I am."
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals

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